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The PING Heard Around The World

Kalkara, Malta / August 23, 2021 / Whether you are new to crypto or a veteran, many sense that the world of cryptocurrency is now in a unique and special time. It seems like everyone is talking about crypto, or at least has a faint idea of what it is. It is the magical moment where public interest is peaking, institutions are getting in the game and buying large swaths of digital assets, and even grandmothers are HODLing altcoins. Space-faring billionaires tweet their support of garish dog-themed coins, while other notable movers and shakers fall victim to digital bank runs only days after promoting the aforementioned project.  DeFi is alive with activity and new protocols are springing up daily. All while the shadow of regulation looms, casting uncertainty onto the future.

Many wonder, where is it all leading? Moreso, how does a newcomer make sense of the dizzying array of coins, lingo, exchanges, wallets, smart contracts, and every other component of the crypto-sphere that seems to be a language all unto its own? Fast moving and at times utterly unforgiving, attempting to breach the digital gates of crypto can be a daunting task even for the most highly educated among us.

In the more speculative spaces such as the Binance Smart Chain, many startups abound, and with them carry great opportunities to get in early on the ‘next big thing’. But for every promising project and token, there are dozens of frauds, scams, and increasingly clever ways of separating the would-be investor from their money. “Do your own research” you will often hear repeated as advice. But how does one even begin to do that? 20 browser tabs, seedy Telegram channels, charting tools named after excrement, and other horrors await those attempting the required research.

But what if there was a way to filter through the noise? A one stop shop of everything necessary to identify a safe investment, execute the trade, track the asset, store the asset, and learn the fundamentals with included educational materials. All wrapped neatly into a slick, easy-to-use interface designed for the beginner, but powerful enough to accommodate the most seasoned expert. Built for investors, by investors. The Sonar Platform and the $PING utility token are the central components of a tool-centric ecosystem founded for the sole purpose of helping as many people as possible transform their lives. Through education, community support, and a comprehensive suite of tools, the singular mission of Sonar is to empower the individual to create and protect wealth during the greatest wealth transfer of all time.

The Right Tools For The Job

Sonar aims to bring innovative, yet easy to use functionality to the user. The platform will feature a charting tool, analytics dashboard with customisable conditional alert chains, sentiment analysis, contract auditing, portfolio tracking, and many more features that have yet to be revealed. Also under development is a fully integrated non-custodial Web3 Sonar wallet, and an Ethereum Bridge. 

While Sonar calls the Binace Smart Chain home for the present moment, the Ethereum Bridge will be the first expansion of many to other blockchains. Currently in testnet, the bridge will allow for the transfer of $PING tokens from BSC to ETH chains, and back again. Bridging is an important milestone and a crucial access point for holders of Sonar to the biggest and most sophisticated DeFi market in the crypto space. Immediately after the Ethereum Bridge is live, $PING will be listed on Uniswap for trading.

Slated for an early Q4 release, Sonar Charts will serve as the formative base of the entire platform as additional features under development are later integrated in a modular fashion. Sonar not only intends to re-think the traditional staples of crypto, but also to allow the average trader access to the tools that now only the “big guys” have.  Sentiment analysis, machine learning, rule-based analysis and risk assessment will be a central feature of the finished platform. These cutting edge tools will allow unprecedented insight into the many variables that can cause loss of funds while investing in crypto. Helping Sonar users avoid risky trades, scams, and investments likely doomed to fail is the core purpose of the platform.  

More Than Just Software, Sonar Is A Movement

You would be hard pressed to find a community more dedicated and emphatic than the Sonar community. Bustling with activity at all hours, the multi-national background of the Sonar Founders is reflected in the diverse Telegram community groups from all corners of the globe. People share support, information, ideas are discussed, and educational materials are parsed. Helping one another transform their lives has become a common occurrence in the community. So much so that one could say that the community has become an extension of the platform itself, also fulfilling the role of delivering knowledge to invest safely in a speculative space.

Sonar and $PING have enjoyed rapidly growing popularity and a surge in price in the recent weeks. Often organically trending on the various market listing sites, presale holders have seen their investments in $PING increase over a hundred-fold at the all time high of $100 million market cap on August 17th, 2021. Also followed on Twitter by CZ, the enigmatic CEO of Binance, Sonar certainly seems to be a project to closely watch in the days ahead.

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