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The Perfect Wedding Guest Dress: What to Wear as a Guest

Attending a wedding is a special occasion, and you want to look your best. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what makes the perfect wedding guest dresses. From choosing the right color for each season to considering the formality of the event, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you find the perfect wedding guest dress.

Choose a Color That Suits The Season

When deciding on what kind of dress you should wear as a wedding guest, it’s important to consider the season in which the ceremony will take place. For example, if it’s summertime, you may want to opt for brighter colors such as yellow or pink. On the other hand, winter weddings often call for darker shades like navy or black. Choosing colors that fit with either season will always ensure that you look great and appropriate for any venue or atmosphere.

Consider Formality Level

Another factor when selecting your wedding guest dress is considering how formal or informal the event is going to be. If it’s an outdoor ceremony or reception then you can probably get away with wearing something more casual such as a midi-length sundress or even shorts and a nice top. On the other hand, if it’s a more formal affair being held at an upscale venue then opting for an elegant floor-length gown would be best. No matter what style you choose make sure that it fits well and is comfortable enough that you can enjoy yourself throughout the evening without worrying about tugging at your clothes all night long! Here are some great styles that can be both formal and semi-formal:

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are always in style and they make great options for wedding guest attire. Longer maxi dresses with billowy skirts create a romantic bohemian vibe, while more form-fitting maxi dresses with a slit will give you a stunningly sophisticated look. Maxi dresses come in countless colors, patterns, and fabrics so you can easily find one that fits your style and flatters your body type.

Midi Dress

Midi dresses hit right at the knees or just above them—providing an elegant option for wedding guest outfits that won’t overpower the bride’s look. Midi dresses are also super versatile; depending on how you accessorize it, you can make the midi dress work for both formal weddings and more casual affairs. Plus, this length is especially flattering on petite figures because it elongates their legs without making them feel overwhelmed by too much fabric.


If you’re looking for something different than a traditional dress, why not try a jumpsuit? A jumpsuit is a great way to stand out from other wedding guests while still looking classy and chic. There are plenty of options when it comes to jumpsuits—from wide-leg trousers to tapered trousers—so there’s something out there for everyone! Plus, if your jumpsuit has pockets or interesting details like embroidery or lace appliques then it may even become your go-to outfit for special occasions!

Think About Accessorizing

Accessories can add so much personality and flair to any outfit so don’t forget about them when putting together your look! Consider adding statement pieces like earrings, necklaces, or even colorful shoes to complete your ensemble. You can also opt for more subtle accessories such as scarves or belts if you want something less flashy but still stylish enough that it won’t go unnoticed by other guests at the event! Regardless of what type of accessory you choose make sure that it complements both your dress and hairstyle so everything looks put together from head-to-toe!

Finding the perfect wedding guest dresses doesn’t have to be difficult—all it takes is knowing what colors and styles suit each season and occasion. By taking into account factors like formality level and accessorizing appropriately, you’re sure to look amazing no matter where or when the event takes place! With these tips in mind, all that’s left is finding just one great option among all those available—so go ahead and have fun with it! As long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing while staying true to yourself and honoring the couple tying knot on their special day —you’ll be golden!

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