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The Parking Industry; Interview with John Benevento, Parking Professional & Manager at Parkops

John Benevento, a professional and manager at parking services firm Parkops, shares some insights into the parking industry and the unique services Parkops provides.

Please tell us about yourself?

Hello, I’m John Benevento. I’ve been a parking manager in New Jersey and New York for decades and enjoy commercial fishing. Combining my professional skills with my love of fishing and the water comes naturally.

I’ve always had a passion for the water and fishing. I grew up in Wellington, Florida, and spent a lot of time fishing. World-class horse races and fishing charters are popular in Wellington, West Palm Beach.

What is Parkops and what unique services do you provide? 

We provide parking solutions for dealerships, garages, malls, and other properties. We thoroughly evaluate each property’s unique parking needs, and then customize and executive parking programs that enhance the guest experience. Our goal is to deliver the expert, well-implemented parking services and assets every client needs to realize their objectives. 

Our parking management solutions are delivering results at more than 75 distinct properties in markets across the country, including the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Parkops is regarded as a leader in the Parking industry. Can you provide give us a better understanding of what your firm does and what inspired this business? 

We manage all verticals of the parking operation to ensure maximum profit and the best customer service experience possible. From start to finish, we oversee all aspects of the parking operations management process, providing the most qualified staff and proven protocols to deliver responsive service that is second to none in this field. 

With dedicated personnel and the best in cutting-edge labor management tech, we achieve consistent next-level results that meet and exceed every client’s expectations. We set ourselves apart by delivering only the highest quality outsourced parking solutions in the industry, complete with experienced professionals, established, efficient processes and professionalism you can’t find anywhere else. 

Could you give us a breakdown of the specific industry solutions you provide at Parkops

We aim to provide sufficient staffing levels on service drive, carwash, parts and vehicle deliveries. Our team works to supply clients with the most efficient management of their parking assets, done through significant expertise and the best-trained professionals in the industry. Our parking management services deliver results for a variety of clients including those in automotive retail, hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, luxury residence, retail, and more. We also offer expert, comprehensive parking management for parking garages, 

What are the challenges of managing a successful brand in the parking services field? 

The biggest challenge at this time is finding qualified applicants and training them to be the best they can be. That’s why we work hard to locate only the most dedicated professionals, and to supply the full training and guidance they need to provide the most value to our clients.

What makes Parkops the best in the industry? Any success stories or use cases you would like to share with us?

We take time to evaluate each property’s specific property needs, and to implement solutions that deliver a superior guest experience. Our commitment to deliver exceptional results and a great guest experience is unparalleled in our industry. We recently acquired a large dealership that was struggling in the service drive. After six months, they are now at the top in their company. 

Tell us more about your team and customer support, what should we expect, and what makes you special? 

We have set ourselves apart from our competition with our exceptional customer service and professionalism.  

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