The Number of Women Working in Crypto Continues to Grow 

Women Working in Crypto

Cryptocurrency is an exciting industry with many opportunities for any gender. Even so, it remains a primarily male-dominated industry, although things have improved a lot in recent years. So, it is good to see the balance between males and females slowly level out.

More Women Show an Interest in Crypto

Many people see the technology industry — and, by extension, cryptocurrency — as a male-dominated segment. That is mostly true in the crypto world, where men make up the bulk of investors, traders, supporters, and employees in virtually any company. However, it is not the male-only club some might make it out to be either. The overall female representation in this industry has risen strongly, even though more work needs to be done.

The growing mainstream appeal of cryptocurrency and blockchain paves the way toward gender equality. It will not happen overnight, but women have shown an increased interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain over the years. Moreover, there are many projects co-founded or founded by women. Even if males found a company, women are in crucial positions to ensure company growth and future development. 

Furthermore, a recent survey by KuCoin confirms how women in Turkey get more hands-on with cryptocurrencies. The gender representation in the country is nearly 50-50 among investors, with women being far more crypto-curious (63%) than their male counterparts. 

One crucial aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrency is how it does not discriminate based on gender, religion, race, or anything else. As a result, anyone interested in these concepts and the necessary expertise in these fields can make valuable contributions and gain recognition for their work. Thankfully, companies have begun acknowledging women can bring practical knowledge and expertise to the table, slowly restoring the balance of power between the genders.

Crypto Exchanges Are a Good Example

The exchange business is one vertical of the crypto industry where women start filling up more crucial job spots. Exchanges and trading platforms are essential gateways for newcomers looking to enter the world of Bitcoin. Moreover, these platforms are vital for converting crypto to fiat currency. Supporting the necessary tokens and ensuring sufficient liquidity can only happen through properly vetting listings and having a keen sense of overall business development.

After examining various crypto exchanges, we can see great improvements in the male/female balance at KuCoin Exchange. As one of the world’s leading exchanges, KuCoin established a global presence and continues to expand its reach. Hiring more female employees for various roles — ranging from marketing to global brand and global business development to content managers — the company makes inroads in this department. Moreover, the KuCoin Labs venture — designed to support startups and companies in crypto — can help improve this balance further. KuCoin Labs diversifies investments into projects at a very early stage to help more builders — regardless of gender — achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.

Similar growth can be seen with Bittrex, one of the best-known altcoin exchanges. The company has hired women to fill various roles, including market, VP of Product, consulting, recruitment, UX research, onboarding, and more. There are many roles to fill when running a global crypto exchange, and women make their mark on the crucial aspects to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Like CoinCorner in the UK, even smaller exchanges have a strong female representation. Team size doesn’t matter for improving the male-female ratio at these companies. CoinCorner has a strong female representation across marketing, human resources, compliance, creativity, and more. Again, there is still work to do before reaching a 50/50 balance, but that applies to every crypto exchange on the market today. 

Female Founders and Creators Rise Up

There is a strong industry-wide increase in female founders when looking beyond the exchange industry. Women creating new projects will not necessarily hire other women to fill all company positions, as finding the right people for the job remains key. However, some all-female projects, such as Chain Collective, show females can get the job done as well — if not better — than their male counterparts.

For those not looking to establish a new company, there are plenty of speaking and freelancing opportunities in the space. However, becoming one’s own company and brand can lead to exciting options and help improve female representation in this industry. Whether it is as a speaker, podcaster, YouTuber, writer, NFT artist, or any other form of engaging with an audience, every female can impact cryptocurrency and blockchain if they desire to do so. 

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