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The Novatar — The First-Ever Aging NFT Platform With 25K Limited Avatar Collection

The Novatar, which is a newly launched NFT project, is the first project ever to feature the aging concept. The project enters the market with 25,000 avatars and no more are going to be created.

These 25,000 Novatars are all newborn babies, each distinguished by its uniqueness. All NFT babies are one-of-a-kind with characteristic attributes, facial expressions, race, skin color, etc.

According to the working mechanics that explain The Novatar project’s blockchain technology, a newborn baby avatar can age after it is minted. This means that the moment a baby Novatar is registered on the blockchain, it can transform into an adult.

With minting as the start point, the owner reserves the right and decision-making authority to choose when their baby Novatar starts aging into an adult Novatar. The aging process comes with a slight change, such that while the baby genes are retained, additional genes are developed.

A baby Novatar features 9 different genes that are basic and present in all of them. Growing into adulthood, a mature Novatar has 14 genes, with 10 of these genes being basic while the other 4 are optional.

For baby avatars, each gene features 6 different variations while adults have 11 variations for every gene (except for the genes responsible for skin, hair, eyes and eyebrows colors).

Usability options for Novatar owners

As a Novatar owner, you have several use cases for your avatars

  • First, you can use your Novatar as your digital identity on the Metaverse and your social networks
  • Secondly, you can use your Novatar in real-life events that The Novatar community will organize.

The innovation behind The Novatar project

NFT avatars will change from their baby state to a state of adulthood. At this point, they adopt the same qualities that adults develop in their adult life- Professional careers, sexual orientation, and styles. Regarding profession, the adult Novatars will venture into different professions within the range of Doctor, Developer, Gamer, Astronaut, or Blogger.

Key facts about the Novatars:

  • There will be only a fixed supply of 25,000 Novatars. No more will be created.
  • At the onset, Novatar starts as newborn babies.
  • A baby Novatar grows to become an adult Novatar. The aging operation is available from the moment the owner mints his/her baby Novatar.
  • Just like in the real world, adult Novatars have professions. There are 5 different professions in this regard – Doctor, Developer, Gamer, Astronaut, and Blogger.
  • As a baby Novatar grows into an adult, new genes are developed.
  • These new genes come with individual rarity. Because of this variation, it is possible to achieve additional rare types of Novatars each unique.
  • The owner of a baby Novatar can’t predict the gender this Novatar will develop once it becomes an adult.

About Novatars

There is a limited supply of 25,000 Novatars on The Novatar project, each of which is unique having different facial features as well as expressions. Novatar owners can each use their Novatars to represent themselves in virtual life.

To know more about The Novatar project, working mechanism, and updates about the project altogether, visit the Website or follow them on their social media pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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