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The Noesis F10 Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum with Auto-Changing Disposable Mop Pads is $200 Off

Noesis is dropping the price of its Noesis F10 Pro 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop by $200 (now $1,599) in celebration of National Pet Month. To stand out in a competitive market, the Noesis F10 Pro features interesting mopping technology. 

According to a Noesis press release, the Noesis F10 Pro can automatically change its disposable mop pads.

“The Noesis F10 Pro is the perfect housekeeper for homes with pets,” said Seasone Zhang, R&D Director of Noesis. “Besides its revolutionary auto mop change technology, our product’s anti-tangle brush makes quick work of hairs stuck to floors and carpets. We designed the F10 Pro to clean up after our furry companions so our users can have more time for things that matter.”

Many high-end robot vacuums and mops on the market today use reusable mop pads. To keep them clean, their base station can wash and dry the mop pads when the robot is docked.

However, this design has a few downsides. Washing and drying the mop pads can take hours, and the base station can run loudly during the process. Despite all the washing and drying, dirt and odor-producing bacteria can still accumulate in the mop pads’ fibers. The mop pads can also become worn over time, making them less effective at scrubbing floors.

By using disposable mop pads with what Noesis calls its Mop Pad Auto Change 2.0 technology, the Noesis F10 Pro aims to resolve all the problems above. When the mop pad becomes too dirty, it’s simply replaced with a new one. The robot’s base station can store 40 clean mop pads and 20 waste mop pads.

An illustration of how the Noesis Mop Pad Auto Change mechanism works. Source: Noesis

But this also means that users will have to refill the disposable mop pads, turning it into a recurring purchase. The mop pads are $12.99 for 80, or $24.99 for 160.

Like other robot vacuums, the F10 Pro also self-empties its dustbin into its base station’s dust bag. The dust bag has a 2.5L capacity, which can last up to 6 months, according to the company.

In terms of cleaning performance, the F10 Pro boasts a suction of 5,100 Pa and uses an anti-tangle rubber brush to remove hairs from carpets and floors. Noesis says that the F10’s high-flow air duct uses taller and denser rubber baffle bars that make vacuuming more effective. The robot is also designed with a flat edge to help the corner brush reach into wall edges and corners.

As for mopping, the robot’s Dynamic Scrub feature pushes the mop pad downwards and vibrates 420 times per minute to generate extra scrubbing power. When it encounters carpet, it can raise the mop pad to avoid it.

The F10 Pro has a vacuuming runtime of up to 180 minutes and fully charges in 2.5 to 3 hours.

For smarts, the Noesis F10 Pro features wide-view LDS Navigation along with Dual NeuralVision Obstacle Detection to avoid household obstacles. Users can access a host of functions, such as schedule cleaning, set boundaries, define mop pad change frequency, and view cleaning reports, through the companion smartphone app.

The Noesis F10 Pro is on sale for $1,599.00 on throughout the National Pet Month in May.

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