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The Noah Ecosystem – A Leap into the Future

Noah’s innovative approach towards enhancing the development of the Japan-Philippines trade and market is a remarkable step into the future that sets an example for its competitors. This exceptional idea will not only ensure further knowledge of the pros of cryptocurrency, but will be of great benefit and aid to the overall economy in the long run.

The mission of the Noah Project is to consolidate and allow cryptocurrency users (customers, merchants, and traders) on-board across a very specific and intuitive system that can seamlessly integrate all the existing features under the same structure. It comprises of remittance, mobile money, discounts and trading services, which together give its users a unique and viable alternative to traditional methods. The Noah Project was started in 2016 to primarily focus on enhancing trade between Japan and the Philippines, and has been making tremendous progress since.

Customers of the Noah Project are users and supporters of the project who have an interest in Japanese-Filipino market opportunities; people who are already using cryptocurrencies but are looking for avenues for diversifying and contributing in worthwhile endeavors between the two nations.

The Noah Project is optimized to provide the best services to help its users to get the best possible experience while utilizing cryptocurrency within its specific projects. The Noah Project has also partnered up to create an entire township called The Noah City – driven by Noah Coins (NOAH).

Noah Coins will serve as digital tokens that decrease the costs of transferring money across economic and geographical borders.

The Noah City – Horizon Manila will be spanning 419 hectares of land. The Noah City is expected to become the hub for crypto enthusiasts, and a paradise for all future crypto users. The Noah City is being built in Horizon Manila, the future largest business district in the Philippines. Its visitors will be able to use cryptocurrency there and enjoy discount options for using Noah Coin across all parts of the city.

The Noah Resort – Zamboanga del Norte. In this resort, Noah Coin will be used as a medium of exchange. It means that Noah Coin holders will have access to tennis courts, billiards and bowling alley, a golf course, horseback riding and much more. This makes the Noah Project one of its kind by connecting the emerging travel industry with the latest global trends in crypto. The Noah Project pioneers a connection between blockchain and the travel & tourism industry.

Noah Coins are issued to be used inside the ecosystem of core projects, which are committed to extending lucrative offers in NOAH to lure customers to use their tokens, subsequently creating their demand. Some of the internal Noah services may be accessed only in NOAH, providing a stable market necessity for tokens.

Token basic functions will be:

  1. Medium of exchange in the Noah Project’s economics and ecosystem. The internal token will be used in the Noah economy for products and services.
  2. Customer loyalty system tool and cash-back program. The use of an internal token allows customers to participate in Noah’s bonus programs, as well as receive increased cash back for certain categories of purchases in shop-partners.
  3. Value transfer tool, which decreases transaction costs of money transfer and opens financial borders. Main attention is concentrated on providing easy access for token holders initially to Philippine projects, which allows them to transfer capital with the lowest transaction costs.

The projects within Noah Ecosystem are currently under development, with a promising future. By 2022, Noah Coins will be easily usable in the Noah Resort, as well as fully usable across the Noah City a year after.

Besides developing the Noah City and Noah Resort, the project aims to bring about the social and economic growth through blockchain. This is targeted primarily to migrants and Filipinos overseas to assist in cutting the drastic costs of sending money, making it more convenient and affordable. To enable it, the Noah Project will offer a remittance system for sending money from Japan to the Philippines, or from any part of the world. Currently sending around 10,000Php from Japan to the Philippines costs about 10% of the value being sent. These dramatic costs will be reduced with ARK, which will cut the cost to 2-3%. Philippines residents don’t all use bank accounts and only 3% of people there use credit cards. Noah Coins will help them effectively send and receive money and drastically reduce costs while improving effectiveness.

It’s worth mentioning that the Noah ICO has successfully ended, and the team has raised money for the project development. A successful ICO is a strong indicator that contributors have identified the potential of the Noah Project and trust the team in carrying out the ideas they envisioned. It takes a team with a creative mindset to research and ultimately bring such a distinctive idea to the table, so make a difference today and become part of the innovative Noah Project.

Want to learn more, or get in touch? Get the latest updates on the Noah Project by joining the official Telegram chat, or by following the communities on Facebook and Twitter.

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