The NFT University: A Unique Platform Offering NFT Resources and Rarest NFTs

A multitude of platforms is emerging featuring unique cryptocurrency applications.  Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a unique method of offering authenticity and ownership to various digital assets, such as art. However, significant confusion still prevails regarding NFT applications and how one can utilize them to build a business and generate income. The NFT University is a unique platform that aims to aid crypto enthusiasts to develop a successful NFT project. The platform features a rare NFT collection with high-quality utilities and learning resources.

The NFT University: NFT collection

The project brings together industry experts and crypto enthusiasts on a single platform to develop a cohesive resourceful knowledge center and guidance for upcoming technologies. NFT holders get access to the learning resources – more on this later.

NFTs collection released in a tiered system offers access to multiple benefits to investors such as:

  •       One-on-one mentoring
  •       Hiring strategies
  •       Fully-funded trips to Dubai
  •       $50,000 to Charity when sold out 

The NFT University’s tiered NFT system merges the randomized nature of classic NFT collections with their planned project utility to set them apart from other NFT platforms.

The NFTs sale will take place in three phases, while OG members will receive rewards in the form of rarest NFTs and high utility.

Phase 1: 555 NFTs (Early Adopters)

This high-tier NFT collection offers a total supply of 555 NFTs. These NFT holders will get the rarest form of NFT and access to:

  •       One-to-one mentoring
  •       Win a fully-funded trip to Dubai
  •       Entry into competitions with $8000 in total giveaways 
  •       Access to exclusive Discord channels. 
  •       The voting ability for charitable fund allocation
  •       Learning resources 
  •       Access to an exclusive online community
  •       Trading tools and more helpful NFT-related redeemable
  •       NFT University Merchandise

Phase 2: 1555 NFTs (Early-Majority)

This mid-tier NFT collection offers a total supply of 1555 NFTs. Holders of this collection will get the second-rarest form of NFTs and access to all the 555 NFTs benefits except one-to-one mentoring and a fully-funded trip to Dubai. 

Phase 3: 3445 NFTs (Final Chance)

This low-tier NFT collection offers a total supply of 3445 NFTs. These NFT holders will get the second-rarest form of NFTs and access to: 

  •       Learning resources 
  •       Access to an exclusive online community
  •       Trading tools and more helpful NFT-related redeemable
  •       NFT University Merchandise

The NFT University learning resources

A prominent aspect of The NFT University is its learning resources. The NFT landscape is still relatively new, and people are still exploring. Therefore, ensuring success can be challenging. The team has brought together a highly specialized team of industry experts, ensuring all aspects of the NFT landscape are covered in detail. This will maximize chances of creating a profitable business.

Along with expert guidance, the platform offers various tools including video courses on cryptocurrencies, blockchains, NFTs, informational guides, a list of NFT trading tools and more. NFT enthusiasts or newcomers can create a successful NFT project or generate profits by trading NFTs on the market.

To create this unique platform the team has recruited more specialist talent. The NFT University’s founder, Kamal Mohammad’s took a recent business trip to the Korça Information and Technology Hub powered by the UBT University (Korça, Albania). Mr Mohammad had several meetings with Dr. Maria Dojce, Docent of the University “Fan S. Noli,” Albania director and representative of the Korça Information and Technology Hub.

During this visit, the Korça HUB signed a cooperation agreement to fill vacancies available at The NFT University. The founder himself interviewed experts for three positions and welcomed Alex Bardhoshi for the position of the General Manager, Kostanca Ngjele as the Video Content Creator and Orjona Collaku as the Executive Assistant for Social Media. The Korça HUB also organized workshops with Kamal Mohammad, to develop an academy focused on the NFT field.


The NFT University aims to be a resourceful and rewarding platform for all NFT holders. The company’s initial launch will mark the starting point of exciting NFT features and utilities for all investors. Initially, The NFT University will work on marketing experts through their Discord channel. Early joiners will get rewards as whitelist spots for securing their mint. The platform will introduce tiered NFTs and other exciting rewards, merchandise, and giveaways in the upcoming stages.

If you wish to take the first step toward the amazing world of NFTs, we’re pleased to invite you to leave your contact details in the registration form below:

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