The NFT Space has Welcomed its Latest Entrant

NFTs have managed to create a market around them, and given the available figures, it is significant. The last couple of years witnessed the rise of NFTs, with the costliest one fetching close to $91 million. Many have been fascinated with the fact that a digital piece of art could be of so much value, but it’s the uniqueness that plays a vital role in its popularity. And owing to these factors, NFTs have become a viable investment option, with investors making a ton of money through it. 

But, it’s critical that you mint one with the potential to make it big in the NFT space. Several projects are launched every day, with only a few making it to the A league in the long run. But it shouldn’t act as a deterrent against investment. All it takes is proper research regarding the uniqueness of the NFT collection, any rewards associated with it, and whether it offers real-world utility. 

And, we have a new project geared for launch, the Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs. It is still in the initial stages and intends to revolutionize how people see NFTs. Instead of earning only through the rise in the value of NFT, investors will also receive dividends from the profit earned by the project. 

How do I earn rewards on the Vibed app?

It’s pretty simple, actually! Vibin’ Ape Society offers rewards just for streaming music on the Vibed streaming app. Every time a user streams music, a certain number of points are deposited to their account, which can then be converted into $VBD, the native token on the Vibin’ Ape Society ecosystem.  

We have seen several rewarding systems, but rewards for streaming music are new. No project has tried it yet, but by the sound of it, the idea sure looks appealing. Also, the Vibin’ app has a great collection of tracks and will turn out to be a treat for music lovers.

The $VBD tokens will also be airdropped to investors holding the Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs, which will be the only way to earn the token before the Vibed app is launched. And, of course, there’s the option to convert the $VBD tokens to other cryptocurrencies through centralized and decentralized exchanges or translate them into fiat currency.

Vibin’ Ape Society isn’t just an NFT collection for investors to mint but a community that collectively works towards the project’s success. And in return, they receive a share of the profits every quarter. The amount received depends on the rank of the NFT held in the wallet. Two weeks before the rewards are distributed, snapshots of the investors’ wallets are collected to identify the rank and calculate the amount to be disbursed.

To ensure the sustainability of the project in the long run, the Vibin’ Ape Society intends to employ a deflationary mechanism for its native token, $VBD. It means that a certain number of tokens would be burned regularly, or in simple words, sent to a dead wallet, thus removing them from circulation. When this happens, the total number of tokens left will fall, increasing the value of those remaining in circulation. 

Coming to the real-world utility of the NFT collection, a vital aspect is found to attract investments. With the Vibin’ Ape Society’s Ticket to Anywhere feature, investors can attend some of the best events globally. It includes concerts, music festivals, art shows, and other similar events. All it takes is holding a Vibin’ Ape Society NFT!

The Vibin’ Ape Society ecosystem, which comprises the NFT collection, Vibed app, and the native token, offers several new features yet to be seen in the crypto space. The project has attracted NFT enthusiasts globally due to its unique utility and offerings.

To find out more about the Vibin’ Ape Society, visit:

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