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The Next Generation Investment Platform: Interview with Dmitry Tsymber, Co-Founder of Dyninno Group and Founder of Nectaro. 

Dmitry Tsymber, Co-Founder of Dyninno Group and Founder of Nectaro. 

Nectaro is creating a new future for investing. The new favorite investment platform empowers the next generation with a secure and profitable way to shape their financial future. In this exclusive TechBullion interview, with Dmitry Tsymber, Co-Founder of Dyninno Group and Founder of Nectaro, he unveils the secrets behind this revolutionary platform. Get ready to embark on a journey towards financial independence and learn how Nectaro is empowering individuals like never before.

Please tell us more about yourself.

My work is my life. For more than 25 years, I have dedicated myself to the financial services industry, specifically in retail banking and finance. Throughout my career, I have had a variety of interesting projects and assignments, specializing in managing turnarounds and scaling up companies across different countries. I have held positions as a bank CEO, CEO of bank challengers, and most recently, in the past several years, as a Founder and Managing Partner of fintech companies.  

In 2015, together with a Founder of Dyninno Group, we established Ecofinance, an esteemed online lending company. Building upon this success, and leveraging the Dyninno Group’s competencies, a few years later we created Multipass, a bank challenger for mid-sized companies trading internationally. And just recently, we have set on a journey of launching Nectaro, an online investment platform that offers an easy, safe, and reliable way for savvy investors to back their futures with passive investments in financial instruments. These three platforms – lending, banking, and investments – are the cornerstones of our vision to become a global fintech company.  

When it comes to my personal life, now it is all about my two sons, helping them to grow and become successful in their own way. This has turned out to be a substantial time investment in its own way. “Me time” is mostly filled with reading and listening to books and lectures. I hold the belief that many wise words have already been spoken. In today’s world, we have the privilege of accessing incredible information that was once challenging or even impossible to access. With online lectures, courses, books, and YouTube channels, you can delve into any subject that interests you, and I make the most of it. I immerse myself in reading, listening, and watching, striving to absorb knowledge from various sources to expand my perspectives on fintech, business, and personal growth. I guess this doesn’t make me an inventor, but it certainly makes me a great implementor-innovator. 😊 

As co-founder of Dyninno Group of companies and the founder of Nectaro, could you introduce these companies to us and your mission with these businesses?

Dyninno Group is a diversified business operating across the travel, finance, and entertainment sectors, offering a range of products and services worldwide. Our competency is in our ability to generate leads online and convert them into a successful sale and relationship via our contact centres across the world. 

The fintech business within Dyninno is experiencing rapid growth, with a current portfolio encompassing lending companies and a neo-bank. With our business expanding, the idea of launching an investment platform emerged as a logical progression, serving as a natural complement to our existing operations. This strategic move will not only facilitate the expansion of our fintech sector but will also contribute to the overall growth of the entire Dyninno Group.  

Our new product Nectaro is a licensed investment platform; its primary mission is to democratize investments for retail investors. Our focus lies in providing financial instruments backed by issued loans, aiming to offer customers a passive income opportunity that enables portfolio diversification. This includes investments in loans issued both within and outside the European Union. With a specific focus on millennials and Gen Z, we recognize and value their aspiration to build financial freedom early on, prioritizing financial security and passive income to allow for a more balanced and fulfilling life beyond the daily grind of work.   

Dyninno Group has over the years developed and managed banking and lending financial technology products, what inspired the Nectaro platform? 

Nectaro was triggered by a combination of things. Just to give you the facts: 

  • We are very good at risk management and risk assessment of credit portfolios. We run very successful, very profitable businesses and the lending business is growing well. 
  • We see the need for investors to diversity from the companies that they are using today, plus many of them need a better user experience which we can provide.  

In a nutshell, we are professionals in credit risk management and operational excellence, which is essential because this is where the investors invest into.  We can do a risk analysis and risk selection better than probably other companies and the resources and knowledge we have within a team allows us to create very easy-to-use and human-centered solutions. 

Could you give us a walkthrough of the Nectaro investment platform, what is the technology behind the platform and how does it work?

Nectaro joins a space where a number of platforms already exist, so we do not necessarily do product innovation, but we can offer outstanding corporate governance. Also, we are known for our ability to do an excellent risk assessment and for providing bespoke customer support through the live agents at the contact centers.  

The investment platform takes loans issued to borrowers, packs them in a series of notes and creates a financial instrument with a Nasdaq-issued ISIN number. For the investors, it’s an investment opportunity in asset-backed securities (ABS). 

Because of Dyninno Group’s competence and long-time track record in customer servicing, Nectaro is able to provide the solutions in a UX-friendly manner with a high level of customer service.  

Nectaro places emphasis first and foremost on a human-centered approach to automation, could you enlighten us more on this, with a market overview of this approach to investing?

At Nectaro, we believe in putting people at the center of our automation efforts. While technology plays a crucial role in streamlining processes, our focus remains on creating a personalized and user-friendly experience for our investors. By combining the power of automation with human insight, we strive to provide the best of both worlds. 

In the market overview of this approach to investing, we observe a growing trend towards human-centered automation. Investors today seek convenience and efficiency, but also value the expertise and guidance of experienced professionals. This approach combines the speed and accuracy of automated processes with the human touch, ensuring that investors feel supported and informed throughout their investment journey. 

What is an IBF license, why is it important and what does it take to qualify for one?

The Investment Brokerage Firm (IBF) license is a robust and significant license that in many aspects can be comparable to a bank license. It grants companies the ability to issue financial instruments and is subject to stringent regulation under European regulations. The IBF license is primarily designed to safeguard the interests of retail investors in Europe, ensuring their protection.  

Obtaining this license entails a comprehensive and ongoing commitment to compliance, including regular reporting, audits, and frequent checks by regulatory bodies, often occurring every three months or even more frequently. This level of regulation instills credibility and trustworthiness in the company, assuring investors that the platform operates within the established standards of licensing. By holding an IBF license, the platform demonstrates its commitment to regulation, undergoing rigorous scrutiny and adhering to the highest industry standards. 

Corporate governance is paramount, requiring extensive preparation involving numerous documents to ensure alignment with regulators. For us, it took more than 80 different documents, to be exact. Transparency in processes and risk management is essential, enabling regulators to be informed of the company’s operations. Obtaining a license enhances transparency, providing investors with clearer insights into the organization’s activities. 

Considering the volatility of the crypto market and the high risk of the financial markets in general, could you educate us more on why financial regulation is good for investors?

First of all, the license means that the company is under the direct supervision of the Bank of Latvia. This imposes rigid control from probably the most rigid regulatory body. Regulation is created intentionally to protect retail investors. The license is one of the indicators of such regulation – it signifies a higher level of transparency within the organization and provides investors with clarity regarding the company’s operations and risk management practices.  

Secondly, there is a compensation scheme that comes with the IBF license. According to the compensation scheme, the money that is transferred but has not yet been invested is protected by the European Central Bank (up to 20 k eur and 90% of your investments). 

Thirdly, the companies are checked by the regulator, and they must publish their financials and audited data.

For investors interested Nectaro, who can invest in the platform and how can we invest?

We invite you to take advantage of our early subscription offer on and join our platform. Currently, we are in the process of launching the platform, which will be accessible to customers within the European Economic Zone. To participate, you will need to have an account with a European payment institutional bank. This requirement applies to both European citizens and legal entities. It serves as the minimum requirement for accessing the platform. 

As part of our growth strategy, we have plans to expand into new markets beyond the European Economic Zone too. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process for our investors. Once you decide to become an investor, you will be prompted to complete a brief customer questionnaire that can be filled out in just a few minutes. Additionally, we will ask you to remotely verify your identification by taking a selfie while holding your identification document. This verification process should also only take a few minutes to complete. 

What makes Nectaro unique, compared to other investment marketplaces and platforms, why should we trust this platform?

* It’s a spin-off of a successful international group of companies 

*  Our commitment to transparency has been evident from day one, as we prioritized obtaining the necessary license to operate  

* The foundation of Nectaro is rooted in a highly successful lending business, led by experienced professionals with decades of expertise in fintech and lending 

What are you currently working on at Nectaro and what is next on your roadmap. Any available opportunities for partnerships?

Currently, our utmost priority is the successful launch of our platform. After the successful launch, we will strategically explore potential partnerships and collaborations for future growth and expansion. 

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