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The Next Big Thing in Hiring Remote Resource

Remote resource is an umbrella term for professionals who work for businesses in-house or for their clients, either in an independent contractual capacity or as full-time equivalents (FTE). Whatever the relationship though, a ‘resource’ can only be described as remote when it is clearly established that they work for the employing organizations and entrepreneurs, large or small, virtually.

Basically, the implication of physical distance between employer and employee directs such a classification, not the nature of their employment, unlike common misconceptions. Hence, a freelancer, for example, cannot automatically be assumed to be one only because of the constitution of their vocation, even if they happen to be working out of the physical office.

Therefore, based on these distinguishing factors, there are several benefits of hiring one. Especially for new startups and small-medium sized companies that operate with limited resources- be it financial, logistical or human- remote resources can be an excellent solution. Hiring them can be an efficient source of minimizing skill gaps that arise from specialized labour shortages at local talent markets.

Let us find out some other benefits it has to offer, too.

4 Key Benefits of Hiring Remote Resources

Remote work is here to stay and according to projections by various authorities, like Ladder, will continue to increase through 2023. Businesses only stand to benefit from a fully remote workforce. Let us explore why.

  1. Wider Pool of Talent

Perhaps the biggest benefit that remote hiring has to offer is accessibility beyond the local pool of talent. And set against the backdrop of a stabilizing gig economy, characterized by rising freelancers, temporary and part-time positions, and independent contractors, thriving on project-based retainers as against employee benefits and full-time compensations, the demand for worker accountability has only increased, and for good reason. Coupled with the cut-throat competition challenging startups and small-medium sized enterprises, already struggling with resource limitations, this produces fertile grounds for turning to remote resources from wider, skilled and cheaper talent pools that promise ethical work responsibilities.

  1. Specialized Skill Set

Be it hiring graphic designers, hiring software programmers, or hiring digital marketers, a wider talent pool paves the way for finding the right people for the right positions. For instance, hiring software programmers will not be sufficient for filling the needs of user interface (UI) design, and neither will hiring graphic designers. Even though in smaller organizations these might sometimes overlap, they are essentially disparate works needed to be dispensed by professionals specializing in particular sets of skills. Skills that may not just be hard to find in local talents markets but also quite expensive for small-medium entrepreneurs to hire and retain.

  1. Cost-Effective Hiring

Hiring software professionals is a costly business venture. In fact, that is kind of the whole reason why offshore IT outsourcing practices even began with multinational corporations choosing to build presence across the globe, especially in markets with cheaper labour. The West has a long history of outsourcing to eastern regions like India and Philippines, with their diverse labour force that is easily affordable, for reasons ranging from cost of living to currency differences. But a practice that has long been afflicted by a lopsided wage war, small companies can now partake in cost-effective quality hiring.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Last but not least, seasonal demands require reallocation of resources. So, while hiring digital marketers may be beneficial all year long, they might require working more for campaigns around the holiday seasons. Again, this would also depend on the kind of business employing them, it serves as a helpful reminder of how scaling a labour force according to the invisible hands of the market benefits businesses. Likewise, while optimizing social media platforms, hiring graphic designers would allow quick flexibility for companies to produce targeted campaigns as planned by marketing teams. This is an effective way of benefiting from quality full-time equivalents, minus the responsibility of hiring and firing in-house employees.

Guide on Hiring Remote Resources: Looking at the Next Big Thing

So far, you have read about the benefits of a resource that is neither an independent contractor nor a full-time equivalent, but comes with the latter’s pros minus the former’s cons. It is only natural for you to now wonder whether it is too good to be true. And if you choose to be more optimistic about the dichotomy, it is at this juncture that you would realize that you do not after all know where to find such a resource.

Remote staffing companies are your solution. Because of their huge and specialized database of potential fits, whether you want to hire graphic designers, hire software programmers, or hire digital marketers, or all, you can find the right fit for effective business solutions. Not just this, it is only by establishing long-standing relationships with such a solution provider can you expect to hire and fire remote resources based on your convenience.

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