The Next Big Crypto: A Cryptocurrency Ready to Surpass Pepe Coin

The crypto market is currently experiencing a bullish trend, with leading players like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) hitting their highest values this year. This positive momentum has spilled over into the altcoin market, where many alternative cryptocurrencies are aiming for substantial growth, with some even targeting increases of 50x to 100x.

Within this rapidly growing altcoin environment, one particular cryptocurrency is standing out and drawing significant attention. Many investors and cryptocurrency experts are eyeing this altcoin, believing it has the potential to surpass the well-known Pepe. The altcoin in the spotlight is Pandoshi, which is gaining recognition for its unreached potential and robustly designed tokenomics that offer real utility.

Pepe Coin (PEPE) – A Significant Decline

Today, December 14th, Pepe (PEPE) is priced at $0.00000143, accompanied by a 24-hour trading volume of $114,902,924.22. Over the past day, its price has risen by 5.05%, but it has experienced a decline of -4.10% in the last 7 days. Pepe currently boasts a circulating supply of 420 Trillion PEPE, resulting in a market capitalization of $594,190,341.

The Pepecoin (PEPE) initiative recently experienced a major blow due to an unexpected theft of $16 million from its multisig wallet. This unfortunate event took place on August 24 and resulted in PEPE’s price plummeting by 15%, sparking concerns among its investors about the possibility of a rug-pull. This worry was further fueled by observations of the stolen funds being transferred to different digital exchanges.

Things escalated the following day when an anonymous individual associated with Pepecoin’s founding team addressed the issue via a Twitter post from the @pepecoineth account. The post described a scenario of internal conflict, accusing three founding team members of orchestrating the theft and then deserting the project, leaving one team member to deal with the fallout.

Following the incident, Pepe has experienced a notable downturn, currently sitting at the 88th position in the rankings for Memecoins, as reported by CoinMarketcap. This decline is marked by a significant drop in both its market capitalization and trading volume. The fallout from the theft has led to a wave of investors selling off their PEPE holdings, as they begin to search for the next promising cryptocurrency to invest in. 

In light of these developments, caution is strongly recommended for anyone considering investing in Pepecoin. The internal discord and substantial financial loss underscore the significant risks involved in this specific cryptocurrency investment.

Pandoshi (PAMBO) – The Next Pepe Successor With Real Utility

A recently introduced cryptocurrency appears to be an ideal candidate for substantial short-term profits. It possesses untapped growth potential, limited liquidity leading to notable volatility, and the possibility of sharp increases in value right from the early days, perhaps even in the initial hours. After dedicating days to evaluate various new projects, Pandoshi emerges as the next crypto to explode.

At first glance, Pandoshi might be mistaken for a meme coin, but it is far from that. It is, in reality, a fully independent decentralized ecosystem. The whitepaper of this project displays a high level of professionalism and technical expertise. Fundamentally, the project champions the principles of decentralization, financial privacy, and community-driven governance and development.

The native token PAMBO, initially released on the Ethereum blockchain, will serve as the cornerstone of the entire ecosystem. PAMBO is a deflationary token, featuring a buy-and-burn mechanism. This approach involves purchasing the native cryptocurrency at its current market rate and then permanently extracting it from circulation, thus enhancing its scarcity.

Each element of the project contributes to the value of PAMBO. For instance, the project’s exchange imposes a transaction fee on crypto trades within its platform. The collected fees are then used to acquire PAMBO at the ongoing market rate. After the purchase, these PAMBO tokens are permanently retired from circulation. This process not only makes the token more scarce but also eliminates the potential for these specific tokens to be resold.

Recent updates from the Pandoshi project indicate that they are advancing ahead of their planned development timeline, especially in the area of their non-custodial wallet, which is a crucial part of their ecosystem. They are in the process of introducing a beta version of this wallet, which will be compatible with all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks. This new release is set to be accessible both as a browser extension and as a mobile application, catering to users of iOS and Android devices.

Pandoshi is presently in the third phase of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), with tokens priced at $0.006 each. Given the considerable excitement surrounding the project, it’s anticipated to progress to phase 4 in the coming week. In this next phase, the price per token is expected to increase to $0.008.

The ICO of Pandoshi is divided into five stages, each characterized by a gradual rise in the token’s sale price. This ICO phase offers the project’s cryptocurrency at a rate lower than what is projected for its market introduction, providing an early investment opportunity.


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