The New York Chinese Compatriots Spring Festival Party Sponsored by Rock Hash

On January 17th, The New York Chinese Star Art Troupe and the New York Chinese Song and Dance Troupe jointly sponsored over 30 overseas Chinese groups to celebrate the 2022 Year of the Tiger and the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The Spring Festival Gala was held at the Yuting Hotel in Flushing. More than 40 Chinese associations participated in the joint sponsorship, after more than two months of careful planning, on the occasion of the coming Lunar New Year, it carries out a great dinner party themed on the Spring Festival and Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The Chinese Consulate General in New York gave a speech to congratulate the success of the party.

In addition, the Spring Festival Gala of “Tiger Leaping Snow and Ice for Winter Olympics in Beijing” also realizes the interaction between Chinese compatriots and Chinese people around the world to celebrate Chinese New Year and realize the dream of celebrating Winter Olympic together. Ivan Peng, the representative of Rock Hash US headquarters, was invited to attend this evening party, delivered a speech with the theme of “Sharing Web 3.0 Era Dividend”.

At the meeting, Mr. Peng talked about the new concepts of the current Internet era: blockchain, distributed storage, metaverse, etc., so that more and more people have greater imagination and expectations on the digital living space under a new type of social system! He also expressed that with the arrival of the Web 3.0 era, it will be accompanied by a large number of application scenarios and the birth of new wealth opportunities!

Rock Hash is an innovative fin-tech company that closely links to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, strives to create long-term investment value for users. Rock Hash will continue to explore blockchain, distributed storage, and other technology fields, enabling metaverse, tap the deep potential of metaverse for global users to provide a transparent, traceable way to achieve digital asset trading, management, and value-added, sharing the dividend of Web3.0 era!

The evening party will focus on two themes: celebrating the coming Chinese New Year and the Winter Olympics. Attracting 1.5 million Chinese from New York to participate online and offline. The party scene of song and dance performances and interactive parts bring the whole party atmosphere to a wave of climax, which received unanimous praise and warm applause by overseas Chinese compatriots at scene, they all toasted to celebrate the New Year, and to cheer for the athletes of Beijing Winter Olympics!

Live event video can be viewed at the following links:

About Rock Hash:

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