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The cost of prescription drugs has dominated headlines for years. The exorbitant prices of some prescription drugs such as insulin and certain cancer medications have been the subject of political debates, legal cases, and deep-dive documentaries critical of the nation’s overall healthcare costs. Lowering the cost of prescription medications has been the subject of many a political platform. 


Companies that seek to alleviate the hefty cost of prescriptions have always been around. However, BetterWorldRx, a prescription medication discount app, does the concept of prescription discounts differently. By using the BetterWorldRx app, users not only save money at virtually all of the nation’s most popular pharmacies, but they can direct money back to causes that matter. 


Save More, Feel Better


The words “Save More, Feel Better” greet one on the BetterWorldRx website, and for a good reason. Saving up to 85% on prescription medications that can run hundreds — or sometimes thousands — of dollars without insurance is bound to make anyone feel good. 


BetterWorldRx prides itself on competing, and often beating well-known prescription discount program GoodRx on retail prescription costs. Their list of covered medications spans some of the most popular, such as amoxicillin, gabapentin, alprazolam, and prednisone, and covers both brand names and generics. 


Easy to Use App


The BetterWorldRx app makes getting discounts easier and more accessible. Downloading the app gives consumers access to lists and pricing of discount-eligible medications at nearby pharmacies. The website offers more detailed explanations of how BetterWorldRx costs align with other retailers and discount services. 


Prescription discount cards have been an option for decades, and people have become accustomed to discount options being available to them, be it via card or with a convenient app. With the cost of prescriptions rising exponentially, more and more people are continuously seeking ways to save. 


According to Petersen-Kaiser Health System, one in four people experience difficulty affording their prescriptions. The BetterWorldRX App is designed to make saving quick and easy, while allowing users to have the ability to select the charity of their liking to benefit from their prescription transaction.


Working Towards a Better World 


In a utopian society, prescriptions would be affordable and accessible to all. Charities would be well funded, and people would, overall, be kinder. There are many discount options available to consumers these days, but BetterWorldRx stands as the option that gives the most back. 


The BetterWorldRx commitment to the greater good is genuine. They want the users of their app to be able to participate in this philanthropic venture they’ve thoughtfully designed. With every discounted prescription, users can donate $1 to the charity of their choice from a list of over 200 of the world’s most effective charitable organizations, at no added cost to the consumer. BetterWorldRx takes the time to vet each of its giving recipients, offering only the most reputable options to its users. Metrics such as ethics, responsibility and the ratio of administrative costs vs. support of the actual cause from every donation received, are just a few of the factors considered. Timeliness is also a factor; three charities were added to the BetterWorldRx list in the past month alone that address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.  No matter which cause is their favorite, users can identify charities in that category quickly and easily, then rest assured their donations are going to a trustworthy entity that can put their donations to good use.


With this link to charitable giving, BetterWorldRx truly lives up to its name and allows users to feel good by giving back while they save. 


Each week, the BetterWorldRx site will show which popular prescription medications their users are saving on, and how much they are saving. Interested users can access a free, digital BetterWorldRx discount card or download the app. 


We live in a world that gets more expensive each and every day. We also live in a world that, unfortunately, routinely sees many people in need. BetterWorldRx was founded on the principle that it could be different from the litany of other discount prescription services available. They have built their venture on the idea that a better world truly can be created through working together. 


The BetterWorldRx app is now available and can be downloaded at the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

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