The New Age of Content Monetization is Here

Social media is as prevalent in the modern world as it ever has been, meaning creators are as prominent, influential, and numbersome as we’ve seen. In the early days of the internet, only a select few could label themselves full-time ‘creators’ or ‘influencers.’ However, with the explosion of influencer marketing and advertisers realizing the power of ads and influencer deals, billions of dollars pour into the industry each year. In 2021 alone, over $180bn was spent on social media ads, with the vast majority funneling through social media platforms rather than the creators. So how can creators be in charge of their own monetization and not at the mercy of social media platforms? 

The Transition

The transition between custodial to self-custodial monetization is a long one, but one which is well worth the journey. From a consumer’s perspective, it may seem trivial if your favorite creators make money via a platform or directly themselves. However, it’s actually a lot more important than you may think.

Creators who rely on ad sense, such as YouTube, for their full-time living are pushed to create content that resonates with the platform’s algorithm to ensure they maximize their income. Many of those who choose to neglect this path are forced to turn to monthly subscription sites or rely entirely on tips. Many of these creators’ content is labeled as non-monetizable simply because the platform does not agree with their take. This means the reader must settle for the most monetizable content or pay a monthly subscription to view their favorite creator’s content. This is not the best of choices if you ask me. 

A transition to a model where creators are in charge of monetization means not only do you only pay for the content you wish to view, with ample free content available, but you also experience the variety of content that comes from a truly free marketplace. Creators would no longer be bound by the invisible constraints of traditional monetization and would be free to work on the content they are most passionate about. 

However, this idealistic world can only become a reality if a significant platform switch occurs. The platform offering all the features described above and more is WUBITS. WUBITS is the world’s first Web3 content monetization platform that allows content creators to fractionalize their content and monetize it, getting paid directly in crypto. 

A New Age of Monetization

Currently, WUBITS is the only platform allowing creators to monetize their content in crypto. They are the spearhead of the monetization revolution destined to come. The only question is, when? 

The post-custodial monetization world may look significantly different from what we currently see, but it could also look exactly the same. We may conclude that the content currently being created is the free-market optimum. Even if so, the transition will only grant a positive outcome for creators and enthusiasts. 

A creator economy driven by value instead of impressions will, ironically, be fought against by those currently profiting from the clickbait, impression-driven market. However, those creators will eventually get riddled out, opening space for creators that enthusiasts genuinely want to watch. 


So if you’re going to take anything from this article, it’s that the transition is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. When it inevitably comes, will you be a creator willingly adopting the change? I certainly hope so. To get a headstart on your competition, join the WUBITS platform and follow them on their social media platforms.

Earning directly in crypto is only a post away. 

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