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The NAVEE S65 Electric Scooter – The Future of Personal Mobility

Navee, the largest manufacturer of Xiaomi e-scooters, is on the move again with the S65 Electric Scooter. Intent on pushing boundaries and relentlessly enhancing and refining their previous scooter technologies, The new NAVEE S65 features a host of top-end features and an overall exceptional design. 


Want to get somewhere fast and feel like you own the road? The S65 Electric Scooter boasts a 500W geared motor with a peak power of 1000W. It will have you cruising at 20mph, effortlessly accelerating up inclines. Its 48v 12.75Ah high efficiency lithium ion battery rocks a max range of 40.4 miles. If James Bond ever needed a scooter for an urban getaway scene, this is the one! 


While the NAVEE S65 is a beast on the pavement, it’s a beauty in terms of safety and comfort. Its two 10-inch self-sealing prick resistant tires ensure a smooth secure ride. They can withstand multiple punctures without leaks, enabling long adventures without the worry of a flat. The rear disc braking system is super responsive, inspiring the confidence of total control. 


The  NAVEE S65’s  dual suspension system actively reduces shocks from uneven terrain, providing optimal comfort and stability in a variety of landscapes. Drivers can easily monitor their speed and power levels on a large LED integrated display. 


If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art electric scooter whose power shares top billing with safety and comfort, the NAVEE S65 is a smart choice. Begin your ride with special pricing during the exciting Indiegogo launch

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