The Multi-Crypto Platform Designed for Traders, Investors, and STO Issuers 

Multi-Crypto Platform

The crypto market has grown into one of the most burgeoning ecosystems over the past decade; a good chunk of institutional money is now flowing into the space with the latest being a $50 million Bitcoin investment by Jack Dorsey’s financial payments company, Square. Concurrently, opportunities to participate or grow investments through the crypto market have been on the rise to suit the growing demand by stakeholders who include investors, traders and blockchain innovators.

A European licensed digital asset exchange dubbed ‘DEXFIN’ is one of the Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) that is emerging to cater for this niche market. While there are some crypto exchanges that have been around for a while, most offer limited functionalities that only expose clients to the exchange and transfer of cryptocurrencies. The DEXFIN model goes a notch higher with the introduction of advanced features embedded within its multi-crypto exchange platform. This platform will offer crypto services not limited to tokenization, staking and portfolio management options. 

DEXFIN One-Stop Crypto Exchange

DEXFIN launched the beta version of its digital asset exchange in September, 2020, with the full version scheduled for November 25, 2020. This exchange focuses on solving the challenges encountered by the three types of stakeholders that mostly participate in crypto markets. As such, DEXFIN is built to make the trading experience seamless through tools like AI-based matchmaking and Advanced portfolio management. The former is designed to scan investment metrics and trends in order to recommend the best positions, depending on the risk appetite of a particular DEXFIN client. On the other hand, the Advanced Portfolio Management function complements this ecosystem with an option to actively track/manage one’s digital assets.

DEXFIN also has a solution for blockchain projects looking to raise funds by issuing Security Tokens (STOs). This has been a challenge in the past due to high listing fees and the costs associated with global market acquisitions. DEXFIN, however, proposes a solution for these upcoming projects through its tokenization services. Innovators can leverage this crypto exchange to issue security tokens backed by real-world assets such as stocks and real estate. At the same time, investors stand a chance of increasing their net worth through dividend payments, profit-sharing or financial commitments pegged to an underlying STO.

Investors whose preference is a passive yield could alternatively opt for DEXFIN’s staking services and earn up to 11% in annual interest. Ideally, this involves locking the DEXFIN native token ‘DXF’ for a fixed period (one year) in return for an interest to be paid out in BTC, USDT or DXF tokens. DEXFIN users can stake a minimum of 10,000 DXF while the maximum amount has been capped at 5,000,000 DXF tokens. Notably, the ROI of staking a given amount of DXF is calculable upfront since the interest is determined based on the value at locking time.

DEXFIN (DXF) Utility Token

This utility token allows DEXFIN users to operate within its multi-crypto platform in a couple of ways including fee payment at a discount. It is an ERC-20 token built on the fundamentals of regulation, hence compliance with AML/KYC and tax laws amongst others. Consequently, users can exchange the DXF token on avenues like stock exchanges, secondary stores or STO markets in various jurisdictions. Other than the exposure to tokenized assets, DXF holders can also vote for or against developments or events associated with the DEXFIN ecosystem.

As for the tokenomics, DXF total supply stands at 1,168,000,000 with 45% of these issued for the ongoing DEXFIN Token Sale. The pre-sale price for one DXF token is currently set at 0.08 USDT; this token sale is scheduled to end in November where all the unsold tokens will be burnt; DEXFIN will then launch the beta version of its digital asset exchange. The remaining DXF tokens will be allocated to development, founders and liquidity buffer at 23%, 18% & 14%, respectively. DEXFIN will also use this native token for its prospectus rewards and loyalty program set to boost user engagement.

Virtual Reality

After the launch of the DEXFIN exchange, DEXFIN will be the first to exclusively list the  VICTORIA VR Token project. This virtual reality project will have a global reach, based on Oculus technology, with the goal of connecting people through a whole new medium. Thanks to the DEXFIN exchange and the sale of the VICTORIA VR token, you have a unique opportunity to participate in global companies and exploit the growth and potential of the virtual world.

This virtual reality project will have a global reach, being the first open world in photorealistic virtual reality, based on Unreal Engine and Oculus technology


The increasing interest in crypto assets is no-brainer, a bullish fundamental for projects like DEXFIN and its peer competitors. However, a sustainable and scalable ecosystem is what will separate the wheat from the chaff. It therefore makes sense to build an all-rounded crypto platform that suits the demands of major stakeholders in the industry. In fact, we might see more assets being tokenized in the near future; this means a potential $217 trillion dollars from the real estate market alone. 

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