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The Motley Fool – A Genuine Review

There really aren’t enough words in the world to describe just how good The Motley Fool really is. It is a stock advice company that helps people make far better stock picks than ever before. If you are wanting to buy stocks but are feeling overwhelmed, this Motley Fool review is going to help you with this great service.

The Stock Advisor program offered by The Motley Fool helps people to beat the market with its great stock picks. The best bit is that it is all done at a very affordable price. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor costs only $99 for the first year. It is perfect for anyone looking to take their stock portfolio to the next level entirely.

Through many of its great services such as Stock Advisor, Rule Breaker, and Rule Your Retirement, The Motley Fool is helping people improve their returns and even beat the market. The Motley Fool is best for:

  • Intermediate investors
  • Passive investors
  • Those who are looking for better returns

Successful stock picking is no small feat and even if you manage it, it can turn out to be very time-consuming. However, investing is a key component of good personal finance. In this review, we will see if The Motley Fool is the right platform for you. While you’re at it, read this SoFi Invest review.

The pros and cons of The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool offers many great premium services such as the Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Rule Your Retirement, and Motley Fool Options. They are all great services and make the perfect addition to this already fantastic platform. The Motley Fool is a financial investing advice company that far surpasses its competitors.

It provides great stock picks, newsletters, community support, and far more. The Gardner brothers regularly beat the market and help Foolish investors do the same. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Motley Fool to gain a better understanding.


  • Long track record of success
  • In-depth reporting and analysis
  • Extremely affordable
  • 50% discount for the first year


  • Not all stock picks are successful
  • Product up-sells can turn out to be a bit much

Is The Motley Fool the right platform for you?

The Motley Fool is most certainly a great value platform. It also has the data to show that it has been largely successful in the investing world. There have definitely been a few hiccups along the way, however, long-term success is inevitable. Numbers don’t like, after all, and it has an incredible track record to back it up.

It has helped a large number of investors regularly beat the market and its financial advice is second to none. You should definitely stay aware of any potential risks, however, it is a fairly easy-to-use and straightforward platform. It is a good idea to do your research before investing in the stock market, but if you’re looking for an easy introduction, The Motley Fool is the best way to start.

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