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The Most Useful Binds for Counter-Strike 2

At first glance, using binds in Counter-Strike 2 looks like a useless exercise, suitable only for eSports players, but in fact, the configurations can be convenient for ordinary players. In this article from eZstah, you will learn about the most useful binds for Valve’s esports shooter. You can learn even more about CS2 binds and settings, in particular about b1t, Spinx, or swisher CS2 settings and inventory on the Profiler website, which is accessible to players from different parts of the world – be it Houston (USA), Tokyo (Japan) or Helsinki (Finland).

What Are Binds? Who Might Benefit From Them?

Binds allow you to change the controls of the game so that you can act faster. They are designed primarily for experienced players who have already mastered the basic mechanics of CS2 and want to achieve mastery. Speed can give you a huge advantage over your opponent.

The commands that will be described below are entered into the game console. It is available in the main menu. In all binds, except those related to the mouse wheel and sight size, you can assign any other button instead of the default one.

How to Make a Bind For Jumpthrow in Counter-Strike 2?

Jumpthrow is the ability to make a long-range jump throw. Counter-Strike 2 has made it easier to perform this trick without having to do any binds, but for those who still want to have the old config at hand, there are suitable commands: Open the developer console (press “~” on the keyboard) and enter:

  • alias “+boing” “+jump”
  • alias “+ding” “-attack; -attack2”
  • alias “+dong” “-jump”
  • bind X (where “X” is any key)  “+boing; +ding; +dong”

Unfortunately, the bind disappears every time you turn off the game, so a similar procedure will have to be performed every time you enter Counter-Strike 2.

How to Make a Bind For a Jump With the Mouse Wheel in Counter-Strike 2?

For a convenient and quick jump, you usually use the mouse wheel. To configure the bind, open the developer console (press “~”) and enter:

  • bind “mwheelup” +jump; bind “space” +jump (for jumping with the mouse wheel up + space); bind “mwheeldown” “+jump; bind “mwheelup” +jump; bind “space” +jump” (for jumping with the mouse wheel up/down + spacebar)
  • bind “mwheeldown” +jump; bind “space” +jump (to jump with the mouse wheel down + spacebar)

How to Bind All Players to Mute in Counter-Strike 2?

To turn off annoying sounds in voice chat, open the developer console (press “~” on your keyboard) and enter:

  • bind “X” (where “X” is any button convenient for you) “voice_scale 0” – mutes the entire chat;
  • bind “X” (where “X” is any button convenient for you) “voice_scale 1” – return sound in voice chat.

How to Make a Bind for Dropping a Bomb in Counter-Strike 2?

To quickly get rid of the bomb by pressing one button, you need to open the developer console (press “~”) and enter the commands one by one:

  • alias “+bomb” “slot5”;
  • alias “-bomb” “drop; lastinv”;
  • bind “any key convenient for you” “+bomb”;
  • alias “+bomb” “slot3; slot5”

How to Make a Bind to Quickly Purchase a Specific Weapon in Counter-Strike 2?

To quickly purchase the necessary weapons, open the developer console (this is done by pressing the “~” button) and enter the following:

  • bind “any button convenient for you” “buy weapon”

Instead of the word “weapon” you need to enter:

  • ssg08 – Scout sniper rifle;
  • galilar – Galil machine gun;
  • famas – Famas machine gun;
  • aug – automatic machine AUG;
  • sg556 – automatic SG553;
  • m4a1 – M4a1 assault rifle;
  • m4a1_silencer – m4a1-s machine gun;
  • ak47 – AK-47 assault rifle;
  • g3sg1 – terrorist automatic rifle;
  • scar20 – special forces automatic rifle;
  • awp – AWP sniper rifle;
  • mac10 – Mac 10 submachine gun;
  • ump45 – UMP submachine gun;
  • p90 – P90 submachine gun;
  • bison – Bizon submachine gun;
  • mp7 – MP7 submachine gun;
  • mp9 – MP9 submachine gun;
  • xm1014 – automatic shotgun;
  • mag7 – shotgun Mag7;
  • sawedoff – Sawed Off shotgun;
  • nova – Nova shotgun;
  • m249 – M249 machine gun;
  • negev – Negev machine gun;
  • glock – Glock pistol;
  • cz75a – CZ75-Auto pistol;
  • elite – two Beretta pistols;
  • tec9 – Five Seven pistol;
  • deagle – Desert Eagle pistol;
  • tec9 – Tec9 pistol;
  • hkp2000 – HKP2000 pistol;
  • usp_silencer – USP pistol;
  • p250 – P250 pistol;
  • revolver – Revolver R8;
  • incgrenade – incendiary grenade;
  • flashbang – flashbang;
  • smokegrenade – smoke grenade;
  • hegrenade – fragmentation grenade;
  • molotov – molotov;
  • decoy – false grenade;
  • vest – armor;
  • vesthelm – armor and helmet;
  • taser – shocker;
  • defuser – a kit for quickly clearing mines/hostage release.

The Bind to Increase In-game Volume

This bind allows you to sharply increase the volume by pressing the “Shift” key. For example, by steps you can determine where the enemy is.

Type in the console:

  • alias +walkvol “incrementvar volume 0 1 0.5;+speed”
  • alias -walkvol “incrementvar volume 0 1 -0.5;-speed”
  • bind shift +walkvol

Displaying Technical Information On the Screen

After pressing the “L” button, you can see various technical data – frames per second (FPS), latency (ping), and frametime deviation from the server (var).

Enter this command:

  • bindtoggle L net_graph

Quick Switching to Knife and Back in Counter-Strike 2?

This bind allows the player to switch to a knife by pressing one key (default is “Q”). By pressing again, you will pick up the main weapon again. The bind is intended primarily for snipers who need to change positions in a timely manner. After all, as you know, while you have a knife in your hands, you run faster. However, instantly switching weapons can also be useful for those who play other positions.


  • bind q “use weapon_knife;slot1”

How to Remove a Bind in Counter-Strike 2?

To quickly remove a bind from the key you need, you need to write in the console:

  • unbind “the button you need to unbind”

Final Thoughts

Binds in CS2 give players more options to customize their gaming experience and quickly respond to changes on the battlefield. We recommend testing at least basic binds to increase your efficiency in the game. You can also learn more about customization in CS2 on the Profiller website. Here you can also estimate the value of the inventory of professional players such as Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken from FaZe Clan or David “frozen” Čerňanský in dollars.


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