The Most Reliable Connected Worker Platform of 2021

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In the current scenario, to compete in the competitive market, the industries must adopt reliable connected worker solutions to boost their profit rates. To accelerate business activities, data plays a vital role. The availability of data at the right time brings expected outcomes. The connected worker solutions provide a strategy to build channels for the data to travel between the workers of different stages in the organization. Most of the front-end workers lack knowledge of the core data of the project. To overcome this issue, the successful organization uses reliable connected worker software like VKS (Visual Knowledge Share), Augmentir, Tulip Interface, WorkClout etc. These tools connect the workers with appropriate data so that they can perform their responsibilities without any regrets. In this article take a quick look at the brief introduction to these connected worker platform tools. 

VKS (Visual Knowledge Share)

In this platform, no need for any paperwork to carry out the business activities. This software offers you a digital form of instructions for the employees. The efficiency of the task using this digitalized data is nearly 95%. It serves as the standard best practice and shoots up your profit rate by 20%. The VKS assist in accelerating the decision-making process in your firm. It reduces the skill gap in the workers and optimizes the accuracy of the tasks.

Tulip Interface

It is the best business solution to increase productivity in business within a short period. In the year 2014, this software solution came into existence from the US. This product serves as a complete solution to ease business activities. It is a SaaS software consists of training documentation, webinars, live sessions, business hours and online support. This package is available for a free trial. Tulip includes work instruction tools like ERP, Maintenance Management, MES, Quality Management, Reporting/Analytics and Safety Management. 


It is the forerunner in the connected worker software to combine Augment Reality with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The combination of these technologies fills up the skill gap to increase productivity in industrial activities. It aids in the quality of work and witnesses consistent improvement in the organization. This software intelligently supports the front line and back end employees in an organization for the completion of their tasks on time without any delays. 


This tool activates the front-end employee to take the right action for the welfare of the organization. It empowers and recognizes the frontline team to achieve consistent growth and appreciable operational performance. It is a SaaS tool that focusses on the safety, quality, delivery, and employee in the firm. It assists in assigning the right team at the perfect designation for the successful completion of the tasks. Rever enables you to share information effortlessly throughout the organization in no time. It encourages employees with rewards and recognition for their performance. 

VSight Remote

This tool works using Augmented Reality. The VSight Remote allows workers to connect anytime remotely. The field technicians connect with the expert team to resolve issues related to repair and maintenance operations flawlessly. This collaborative software helps the employees connect at the time of need. The VSight Remote tool reduces travel cost and saves time by establishing a remote connection between the workers in an organization. 


It is one of the best-connected worker software that provides instructions to front-end employees promptly. It has an interactive platform with crucial information to assist in the decision-making process. Using this software, you can visualize process images, videos and link to documents, data. The employee can easily access relevant data at the point of use and assist in scheduling jobs, audits, checklists. You can also create a to-do list to follow up on the necessary tasks without fail. This software enables the team to solve issues faster, track actions and take the right decisions. Instant access to data results with successful changeover for consistent growth of an organization. 


It is the latest innovation in connected worker software. It came into existence in the year 2018. The United States introduced this tool to offer business hours, live and online support. This software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad. It is an instruction software that provides features like forecasting formula management, process manufacturing, quality control, quote management, resource management, and supply chain management. You can try out a free version before making an official purchase of this tool. This connected worker program eases business activities and provides a comfortable space for the employees to increase productivity in no time. 

With rising concerns about employee safety and increased throughput, the connected worker solutions market is expected to expand at a breakneck pace globally over the forecast period. Manufacturing is a speciality market for connected worker solutions, which are used in a wide variety of industries. In its latest research study, Fact.MR discusses the main factors that will drive demand for connected worker solutions in the coming years. The study examines different developments in more than 20 high-growth countries, as well as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry.


Thus, you had an informative journey on the reliable Connected Worker software in 2021. Choose the right tool which fits your needs perfectly in pace with your organization. Connect with the best-connected worker software to compete with the competitive market. It is high time to find innovative solutions for survival. All the above-discussed Connected Worker tools are incredible and increase the productivity of your firm quickly. Connect your workers promptly to acquire desired profit rates in your business activities. 

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