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The Most Iconic Anime Poses Everyone Has Copied in Real Life

Iconic Anime Poses

Anime is full of over-the-top characters striking dramatic, exaggerated poses that are just begging to be imitated. While manga artists and animators put a ton of creativity and detail into crafting these iconic stances, part of what makes them so memorable is how instantly recognizable and prime for reenacting they are.

We’ve all been there, watching an episode and acting out the latest cool pose our favourite character did. And some poses are so ingrained in anime culture that fans can’t help but strike them in real life. Here are five of the most iconic ones that everyone has copied at some point.

Shadow Clone Jutsu (Naruto)


Naruto’s signature ninjutsu is recognizable by the rapid hand signs required to initiate it and the clones themselves. Making that iconic cross sign with your fingers and shouting “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” is an instinct every fan has had to mime out at some point.

It’s such a core part of the Nine-Tailed Fox ninja’s moveset and personality that copying his stance is an automatic impulse when diving into the Naruto world. Creating an army of doppelgangers has never been so fun.

Team Rocket’s Introduction (Pokemon)

team rocket

Very few anime poses are as goofy yet iconic as the overdramatic entrances of the bumbling Team Rocket duo Jessie, James, and Meowth. From Jessie’s scorpion stance to James’ rose-flourishing flair, it’s such an extra yet memorable image. It’s no wonder every Pokemon fan has given it a whirl.

The lengthy rhetorical three-part wind-up has been named and mocked just as much as fans have lovingly imitated it over the decades. It’s all part of what makes Team Rocket’s comedic relief shtick so uniquely them.

Spirit Gun (Yu Yu Hakusho)

spirit gun

In the iconic first episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke points his finger forward like a pistol to fire off his concentrated Spirit Gun attack. It’s such a simple yet powerfully visualized pose: Aiming your literal spiritual energy like a bullet from your fingertip truly makes an unforgettable impact. Fans love acting out this classic anime move, yelling, “Spirit Gun!” and pretending to blast away monsters or each other.

Luffy’s Gear Second (One Piece)

monkey d

The over-the-top physicality and stretching powers of the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain make for some of the most exaggerated poses in anime. When Luffy activates his Gear Second techniques, he takes an intense stance – one hand on the ground, one arm bent, and the head hung low as he pumps air into his bones to make them stronger. It’s an unmistakably dynamic image that many fans can’t resist copying, even if holding that position proves insanely tricky in real life. That’s just part of the kinetic charm of One Piece’s combat.

Goku’s Kamehameha Stance (Dragon Ball)


Is there any anime pose more globally identifiable than Goku channelling his ki into the classic Kamehameha beam? From cupping the hands at the side to the wide starter stance to the signature “kaaa” shout, every step is an unforgettable total-body posing experience.

No wonder kids (and plenty of adults) mimic it in backyards and parks worldwide. It’s the perfect mix of power and cheese that makes for an irresistibly memorable moment.

Posing Like Your Favorite Characters

Part of why these poses are so iconic is the way they instantly connect fans to the spirit and attitude of their favourite anime heroes and villains. Mimicking them is a way to experience the shows more viscerally. So yeah, posing out anime moves never gets old, whether rocking official merch from your latest anime subscription box or just freestyling it in your living room.

The next time you mimic Goku’s iconic Kamehameha stance, you may be doing it while wearing a fresh new t-shirt from the best Anime Monthly Box featuring your favourite characters in all their posing glory.

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