The Most Effective Way to Spy on iPhone 2023

The Most Effective Way to Spy on iPhone 2023

By using the most effective iPhone Spy app, you can carry out detailed and real time remote spy and monitoring of the target iPhone. Spy apps come in handy if you want to keep an eye on your children or elderly parents. In emergencies, these apps can even help save lives and restore normalcy.

There is no shortage of iPhone spy apps in the market. However, our teams of researchers have done due diligence and thorough research, including feedback from users, and also testing the iPhone spy app. And we are glad to share the top and best iPhone spy apps with you. These apps let you monitor GPS location, call history, and social media activity across apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. Most importantly, the apps are safe, and so is your data.

Top 7 Best Phone Spy Apps for iPhone in 2023

1. Hackraptor: – Overall best spy app for iPhone, Android & iOS mobile devices
2. eyeZy – Good for keystroke recording
3. FlexiSpy – Intuitive mobile spy interface
4. Cocospy – Offers good customer service
5. SpyBubble – Good for employers & businesses
6. Hoverwatch – Good for iCloud monitoring
7. XNSPY – Parental control app for regulating your child’s phone usage

Let’s take a deeper and detailed look at the top best iPhone spy apps without wasting time.

1. Hackraptor Review 2023

Hackraptor ( sits on top of this list because of how effective it works. It grants you full access to the target iPhone. This app has features like keeping track of all sent, received, or deleted messages and incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, you can track the target phone’s GPS location. And that’s not all; you can even track the routes the target phone has been through. also allows you to see all the online activities of the target phone. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are a few social media sites that can be tracked through this app. However, the best part is that Hackraptor works flawlessly on all iPhones, iPad, and Android devices.


  • The app is not noticeable on the target phone and cannot be detected
  • It helps you to secure your privacy and keep your personal information personal
  • Unlike most of the other iPhone spy apps, Hackraptor ( can track iPhone messages
  • It is easy to set it up and also user-friendly
  • Hackraptor works very well with and without jailbreaking the target phone. Though some features are available only on jailbroken devices
  • Paid installation service available


  • Hackraptor (hire@hackraptor) helps you keep an eye on your kid/target’s phone use, social media behavior without being intrusive.
  • Each Hackraptor iPhone spy app is specially and specifically configured to work on the target phone.
  • is the most effective way to spy on any iPhone and Android phone.
  • It provides an additional layer of encryption for your iPhone data.
  • Block inappropriate websites on the target phone remotely.


  • It is a bit pricier compared to other mass-produced software (but you get to realize that the cost is worth it and you are getting good value for your money when you use this spy app).
  • It can only be used on one device at a time.

Special Features Offered by Hackraptor:

  • Supported Platforms: Hackraptor works well on all operating systems; Android Phones, iPhone, and other Android/iOS devices
  • Supported iPhone Versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions
  • GPS Location Tracking: Yes
  • After-Sales Support: Yes, there is after-sales customer support after installing the app on the target phone
  • Refund Policy: There is a 7-day money-back guarantee

2. eyeZy Review 2023

eyeZy, with its options to choose from more than one plan, provides a very good solution for parents who cannot afford to spend too much on spyware. You can enter your device’s model number on the app website to check for compatibility before purchasing.

Keystrokes, social media, device media, calendar, call history, and text messages of the target device can be monitored incessantly with this app. With its various plans on offer, eyeZy has something in store for everyone.


  • Keep an eye on your children and loved ones’ social media activity
  • It offers an advanced filtering technology
  • eyeZy iPhone key-logger feature lets you know exactly where which word was typed


  • You can track the exact location on a map using GPS location easily.
  • You can track advanced Wi-Fi network analysis.
  • The iPhone keylogger feature enables you to view exactly where what was written on the target phone.


  • eyeZy can be quite expensive for multiple devices.
  • Data sync is not consistent.
  • The app needs to be hidden manually on the target device.

3. FlexiSpy Review 2023

Like all other top-end premium spyware on the market, FlexiSpy provides you with all the basic requirements like keeping track of all the calls and messages on the target device, checking the location history of the target device, and keeping a complete track of the target device’s social media and online activity. Requiring no jailbreak or root access, the app is easy and quick to install.

This app has recently added a new feature that lets you access a device’s iCloud data without any access to the target iOS device. With more than 20 features that let you keep track of your kids’ phones, this app is truly one of the best companions a parent can wish to have on their kids’ phones.

FlexiSpy needs to be installed on the target device for it to work. The cherry on top is the FlexiSPY EXPRESS service. It delivers brand new phones, with FlexiSpy installed, right at your doorstep.


  • Each keystroke is recorded and can be reviewed from the Control Panel
  • Keylogger offers great accuracy
  • Seamless installation process
  • You can sync the data remotely over Wi-Fi
  • You can view the target’s iCloud data without the target’s iOS device


  • Great customer support.
  • You can view the target’s iCloud data without the target’s iOS device.
  • Stealth monitoring feature protects you from being discovered.


  • You can only monitor only one target device.
  • Call recording quality is not that great.
  • The GPS location tracking could be better.

4. Cocospy Review 2023

If you want to check on your kids or employees, Cocospy is the app for you. Cocospy works on Android, iPhones, PCs, and Mac. This enables you to keep track of any and every device regardless of its build and OS. One of the best features of Cocospy is to snoop into the target device to listen to the surrounding environment.

Along with tracking digital communications, this app also lets you manage the internet usage of the target device. Cocospy lets you set alerts and reports using 2FA security on the target phone. Anything as trivial as a software upgrade in the target device would be reported to you.


  • It allows you to take remote screenshots on a target device
  • You can record, intercept, and listen in on live iPhone calls
  • You can view iPhone browsing history and bookmarks, including URLs, dates, and time of visit
  • It runs in hidden or visible mode


  • Cocospy provides real-time dashboard alerts.
  • Remotely activate the iPhone camera to take a photo or video.
  • It helps you track users’ log on/off activities of the targeted iOS device.
  • Capture audio using the ambient recording feature.


  • It requires rooting/jailbreak on the target device.
  • It is relatively expensive.
  • Advanced features require jailbreaking.

5. SpyBubble Review 2023

SpyBubble provides a parent with all the basic features that spyware provides. All you need to do is get your child’s phone for 5 minutes to install the app on their phone. It helps you track your children’s phone call history, including deleted phone calls with details, read text messages to understand their online activities, and monitor their social media.

You also get the opportunity to access the phone camera and microphone to get real-time video-audio updates regarding the phone’s surroundings. In addition, the interactive map in the app lets a parent monitor their kids every movement, which is of great value to any parent.

However, the best feature of this app is that it gives you control of the target device to restrict potentially harmful activities and protect your child from any and every form of online threat.


  • You can monitor and track all the devices you own from a single dashboard
  • Track calls, GPS location, Keystrokes, and much more
  • Get access to all social media streams on the target device


  • Use iCloud details to monitor all activities.
  • The keylogger feature works like a charm.
  • Jailbreak is not required. However, you need access to iCloud on the target device.


  • Fails to sync data at regular intervals.
  • Limited tracking features are available on iOS.
  • Complicated to set up.
  • Steep learning curve.

6. Hoverwatch Review 2023

Hoverwatch is another undetectable app that does not even require installation for iOS. The setup process needs a few minutes and has no jailbreak or root requirements. Hoverwatch allows you to keep track of almost everything on the target device.

This includes the basic spyware deliverables like call history, SMS, GPS tracking, social media history, and media. In addition, you get a complete list of all the applications on the target device along with the key-logger feature, which lets you keep track of login details and passwords entered into the phone.


  • Access all messages on the target device
  • Hoverwatch is specifically designed to monitor and track children’s phones and can also be installed on other iOS devices
  • You can have complete track of conversation timestamps


● It is not easy to detect on the target phone.
● Track Calendar entries and appointments on the target device.

● App installation is required, so you need to have physical access and touch the target phones.
● Requires jailbreaking for tracking social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.
● You run the risk of voiding the warranty.
● It does not offer a call recording feature.
7.) XNSPY Review 2023
XNSPY is in the business for both online and offline phone tracking. Searching through the entire content of your target phone might get tiresome. Imagine you want to know where your children are going when they leave the house at night. And you are using spyware to snoop through their phones.

It might be ages before you come up with anything noteworthy. XNSPY makes the entire process easier by letting you set keywords. These specific words, whenever used on the target device, would send an instant alert to your phone 24×7.

It also has the latest GPS tracking, social media monitoring, phone recording, and monitoring device surroundings technology. But its primary feature is that it allows you to access the WhatsApp chats of the target device without requiring any form of rooting or jailbreaking.


  • Record and listen to calls
  • You can remotely check on iMessage, and other IM apps, including WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, and Line, on your iOS devices
  • It allows you to monitor all third-party apps installed on the target iPhone
  • Track calls, SMS, Social Media activity, and browser history


  • Shows a list of top callers alongside total call duration.
  • One of the very few apps that works with iMessage.
  • Monitor all Online Activities of the target device.


  • It does not provide features like a camera spy.
  • It does not allow you to track calls and text messages details.

iPhone Spy Apps FAQs:

What are the Best iPhone Spy Apps?

Here are the best iPhone spy apps:

  • Hackraptor:
  • eyeZy
  • FlexiSpy
  • Cocospy
  • SpyBubble
  • Hoverwatch

Do iPhone spy apps really work on iPhones?

The answer is both yes and no! Typically, spy apps offer limited features on iOS. Apple has baked in a higher degree of security; thus, certain features are not available without a jailbreak. In my opinion, a spy app is a great tool to monitor your children’s online behavior. You can dive in right when needed and educate them about the dark alley of the internet. Hackraptor is the only iPhone spy app that works well on all iPhones.

How to Choose the Best iPhone Spy Apps?

Here are some important things that you must consider while selecting the best iPhone spy apps:

Security: Avoid giving out personal information to spy apps. Remember your privacy is of utmost importance.
Multiple Features: Make a list of all the features you need. For instance, a good parental app consists of location tracking, call logs, contacts, photos, and chat history. Compatibility: You should check the compatibility and see if your iPhone device is supported by the app that you have chosen.
Pricing: Pricing is undoubtedly the most vital factor for selecting the best iPhone spy apps. Therefore, you should look for an app that offers best value for money and maximum benefits.
Customer Support: You should select the app which provides 24/7 customer support.

Best Spy App for iPhone in 2023 – Hackraptor

When you start looking for the best cell phone spy app to monitor someone’s activity, you usually realize that one of the leading services on the market is Hackraptor. Judging by users’ feedback, this is an advanced service with a great set of features.

This cell phone spy app allows you to monitor on both iPhone, Android and iOS devices. Hackraptor is suitable for most phone models. This tracking app is often used as parental control software and a means for spying on cheating partners.

Benefits You Get When You Use the Best iPhone Spy App

– Hackraptor
The surveillance mentioned above is created under the newest technologies and offers more than 140 unique features. Here are the main possibilities of this tracking app that allows monitoring without jailbreak:

● Tracking incoming and outgoing calls
● Checking the social media account activities of the target
● Reading messages on chat apps
● Viewing browser history
● Keylogger
● GPS location tracker
● Reading SMS messages
● Revealing SIM card replacement

3 Easy and Quick Steps to Set Up Hackraptor iPhone Spy App Software

We have the list of the best iPhone spy apps above, and we can see that features vary from app to app. Hackraptor works in stealth mode, it offers hidden spy on an iPhone without installing software. You don’t need physical access to spy on an iPhone without installing software.

● Step 1. Request Hackraptor by sending an email to:
● Step 2. Choose your preferred monitoring plan
● Step 3. Start monitoring the target phone on your dashboard, using your phone, computer or mobile device

Start monitoring your target iPhone with the best iPhone spy app right away by sending a request to:

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