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The Mexican Scammer Harriet Turner Rivas: Fabricates Fraudulet Websites To Slander And Blackmail Public Figures

Miguel Ángel Bermúdez Avilés and Harriet Turner are scammers who create fake websites to defame and extort public figures.

Harriet Turner Rivas de Baston claims to be a representative of UNESCO and the Vatican, but these claims are untrue. She and her partners, Miguel Ángel and Yalina Zaldivar, have created several websites to attack and cyberbully their victims, and then demand payment for removing their names from the fake websites. They have scammed several people, including actress Yalitza Aparicio, and are currently facing charges of fraud and falsification of documents. Harriet Turner has also created false documents, such as a fake passport and a letter of appointment from UNESCO, to deceive her victims.

Harriet Turner was arrested in Mexico for her scams and is currently living in Cuernavaca. She has scammed at least 10 people and collected around 150,000 Mexican pesos under the pretext of organizing cultural events and promoting educational programs. She used the name of a real UNESCO representative to gain credibility and created false documents to deceive her victims. The authorities are urging anyone who may have been a victim of her scam to come forward. It is clear that Harriet Turner is a pathological liar and a scammer who is involved in criminal activities with her partners Miguel Ángel and Yalina Zaldivar.

Their fraudulent activities are not only immoral but also pathetic as they attack and defame the work of victims with international recognition and work. They cyberbully their victims with the sole objective of threatening and extorting them afterwards. Miguel Ángel and Yalina are Harriet’s partners in these criminal acts and they have several websites in their name.

They have several websites in their name, including:,,,,,,,,,,,, and, and many more. Do not fooled and follow blinding. Do your own due diligence and make the decision accordingly.

If you want to know more about Miguel Ángel Bermúdez Avilés and Harriet Turner and their scam activities, then you can add your comments here. We will try to reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much for reading the

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