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The Meme Token

Since the launch of Bitcoin over a decade ago, the market has been replete with thousands of projects and trends, meme tokens the lastest of such trends. Guaranteeing sizable returns on investment in a shorter period, these meme tokens have become more popular than ever. 

Taking things up a notch as an advanced meme token project is AngryKitty—a potential use case riddled token with a ton of benefits to token holders.  

Unprecedentedly, AngryKitty has been launched to challenge the incumbent status quo. 

The AngryKitty Project 

A decentralized, amusing, and refreshing project, AngryKitty, as the name implies, takes the shape of a kitty whose mission is to destroy dogs who, in their entirety, offer no meaningful use case to the crypto market. Dubbed the funniest meme token, it aims at delivering gargantuan profits, joy, global charities, innovation, and a play-to-earn [P2E] gaming platform. 

Offering these and many more, AngryKitty is set to kickstart one of the most dangerous battles of the century, in the process ushering in a new era of meme tokens with viable and sustainable use cases. Increasing creativity in digital artists, this kitty-based meme token aims to introduce community members to the unique concept of non-fungible tokens [NFTs]. 

Running on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains, AngryKitty was developed after extensive research and periods of validation spanning months. With a feasible roadmap, AngryKitty is committed to offering a plethora of application scenarios ranging from NFTs to P2E games, a native token, and global charities. 

AngryKitty NFTs 

In line with its goal of onboarding more people to the NFT space, AngryKitty has created and subsequently put up for sale a series of NFT collections based on AngryKitty—the dog killer. Currently available for sale on the OpenSea marketplace, this NFT features 12 different, unique, and well-crafted pieces of art displaying, in full glory, the vigorous and fearless killer, AngryKitty. 

P2E and NFT Gaming 

Presently, talks are underway with some of the P2E industry leaders as it seeks to launch interactive, well-designed, intriguing, and refreshing games. A variety of games based on AngryKitty in the metaverse, NFT, and other spaces, this meme token will attempt to reward users for playing these games via the integration of the budding P2E model. 

The ANGRYK Token 

Akin to other meme tokens, AngryKitty has a native token, ANGRYK. Aimed at allowing the community to free their minds and take an active part in the NFT world, ANGRYK will grant members the rare opportunity of shaping the future of AngryKitty by engaging in an array of meme community contests. 

With a fixed supply of 1 quadrillion and 2 ANGRYK tokens scheduled to be released into the market periodically, the development team has set aside a portion of the token to be burnt as part of its plan to increase the value over time. 

Global Charities 

Although sporting the appearance of a cruel killer, AngryKitty is compassionate and committed to leaving a positive impact on the world. Through a locked token model where 50% of the total ANGRYK supply is kept safely for three years, AngryKitty will kick start a ton of annual charity campaigns. 

Only a small part of the locked token supply will be used periodically and imperceptibly for these charities, therefore guaranteeing long-term stability and success. 

A kind-hearted and compassionate kitty, this project will focus on climate change, children’s health, and animal welfare as it seeks to make a colossal difference in the world. 

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