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Education Technology is an important part of our modern society. In many ways we cannot imagine life without computers, Internet access, cell phones, etc. Education technology serves a multitude of purposes in our day-to-day lives. Here are just a few of the most important fields of education technology:

Early Childhood Development: Studies indicate that the impact of education technology on the early childhood development of a child can be profound. The impact is so significant that the American Psychological Association calls it the ‘ultimate research tool’. Educational technology plays a major role in shaping the thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and skills of the children who are taught. It is this impact that makes educational technologies such as eBooks, educational games, educational videos, and online learning so vital to today’s schools.

Reading and Writing: Thanks to the advances in educational technology, teachers can now provide quality instruction to students who may not have the ability to read or write at an advanced level. Teachers can also incorporate technology into the lessons they give in order to enhance the student’s learning experience. In the past, educators had to rely on handwritten note cards for students to learn their lessons. Today, educators use interactive whiteboards that allow them to communicate visual information directly to students using clear, color pictures and handwriting. This has greatly increased the level of understanding that students have about a given topic.

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Education Technology

Test-Taking: Educational technology assists in the test-taking process. This helps to make sure that students are taking notes properly and are able to correctly answer the questions that they are being asked. Since a great deal of research has been done on how the brains of children work, educators can use educational technology to help them determine which processes are more effective at producing learning outcomes. These include the visual method, the auditory method, or the audio-visual method. By using different types of techniques, they can determine how the brain processes different types of information and can make sure that they are teaching students the right things.

Socialization: Thanks to innovative educational technology, classroom discussions can take place online, so students do not have to wait until a school event occurs to engage in those discussions. Instead, they can engage right away by viewing a slide show or recording a video that demonstrates the lesson. All of this is done right in the classroom. This allows the students to learn right along side their peers and helps them build on their skills through socialization.

One of the key elements in today’s education system is the development of a student’s learning experience. An effective teaching system takes into consideration what kind of learning experience students are having in the classroom. For this reason, most teachers integrate technology into the classroom. However, there are still many other areas of education that can benefit from the use of LMS like the following.

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