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Teaching is a great art and only an amazing feature can be a great artist. Gone are the days when the teachers and the professors had to be physically present in the class to teach the students. Now, the teachers are only required to have knowledge. Technology has been able to overcome these geographical limitations and we at Masai School have been able to make the best use of this opportunity. Here we will tell you more about us and Masai School Placements.

Masai School is a leading tech-based institute which happens to be India’s only outcome-oriented institute. We aim to deliver quality education and training to our students so that they become industry ready well in advance. This helps our students enjoy a great competitive advantage in comparison to our competitors. 

We provide professional education through industry experts who not only draft our curriculum but also at the same time interact with our students on a real time basis. We offer a variety of tech based courses that help our students become professional web-stack developers, data analysts, backend developers, mobile and automation engineers. The best part about our courses is that they can be successfully completed within a duration of 35 weeks.

How do we provide education?

Time and again, we have received a number of queries with respect to the way in which we deliver and impart education. Well, if you have read Masai School review then you will come to know that we follow a distant education program. This program helps the students to get trained via 100% live streaming classes. This is one of the best methods of teaching students who are spread across the length and breadth of the country. Here is all that you need to know before joining us:


  • 100% Live Streaming

Irrespective of the type of the course our students enrol in, we always provide our training through live streaming. We engage a class of our students on a daily basis for a period of 12 hours daily continuously for a period of 25-35 weeks. This continuous exercise helps to provide a thorough knowledge about the subject to our students. 


  • Professional experts

We at Masai School, engage professional experts for every course. These professionals understand the industry properly. This helps them to regularly update the syllabus and the reading material for the students and pass the knowledge for a better understanding. Our experts are conversant with the latest developments happening in the industry. As a result, it becomes easier for them to practically train them and prepare them for the industry in advance.


  • Updated curriculum 

Our curriculum is updated according to the latest developments. We constantly review our reading material and make changes to it so that our students realise their true potential. We even promote our students to stay active and realise what is happening around them. We organise regular dialogues that help our students to exchange knowledge with each other. This helps them to get great Masai School Placements. 


  • Practical sessions

Our instructors make sure to provide live practical sessions to our students. This helps to monitor the growth and the progress of every student which helps our teachers to provide real time feedback to our students for their better improvement. The live classes at Masai School have always been a great source of knowledge for our students. They are as interactive and as useful as the physical classes. Learning is fun with Masai School. We make sure to teach the toughest subjects easily through our live training.


  • Live Evaluation

For all the students who think that online examinations are easy to crack, here is the biggest announcement for you. At Masai School, we ensure that our students have to scratch their heads once before appearing for evaluation and examinations. We closely monitor our students even on an online platform. This motivates the students to be fully prepared well in advance. Our evaluation is not reserved for a specific day. In fact, we constantly evaluate the performance of our students on a real time basis. This ensures that all our students are attentive during the classes. 


  • Online interviews

Masai School placements have always been outstanding in multiple aspects. The best part of our placement drive is that the recruiters conduct online interviews and shortlist the candidates. This saves us a lot of time. In this time, we allow the students to focus on their preparation. Masai School is always recognized for doing its best for the students. This helps us to achieve greater heights of success.

With all these factors, one would be in the position to conclude that live training is always better because it helps to improve the quality of education delivered to the students. It promises better results in the long run because the students get to interact with the renowned experts and professionals. This helps to overcome the limitations of location and time. This concept of teaching is suitable to almost every person. 

Join Us today!

We are beginning with our new batches shortly. So even if you have not enrolled so far, come join us to pursue your dream of becoming a professional engineer or analyst. We promise to help you in the best possible way and get you the best results as soon as possible.

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