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The Link-Building Exercises Every SEO Expert Must Know

When you pitch your SEO services to a business, your presentation should look comprehensive and convincing. As a new agency, you cannot leave any room for mistakes. Since link building is one of the critical SEO realms, gaining skills in this area can immensely help. One of the 2023 stats shows that 55.24 of website pages have no backlinks. That means your clients are yet to benefit from this. If an analysis of their requirements demonstrates this gap, you already have something meaty to offer them. You can confidently tell them link building is necessary for their site ranking and brand authority.

Nowadays, you get a lot of helpful SEO courses online. You can access them for training purposes. Since many strategies are available, you must brush your link-building knowledge and expertise. Before this, let’s consider a few tricks.

Guest blogging – audience-first

According to Chiang Rai Times, Guest blogging usually involves the use of keyword-infused anchor texts to attract more links to the site. But this practice has become overused. Hence, its effectiveness has reduced over time. You can make a difference in this age-old technique through a unique execution style – audience-first guest blogging. Publish external content on blogs that the audience reads. Such an approach requires building a target persona. Target a group that will likely benefit from the content, stories, and messaging. The guest posts should go on the relevant sites that can deliver traffic to your client’s platform. Observing competitors’ activities can also be good for figuring out the right target audience and topics.

Resource page

Search for linkable audiences or groups that need informative resources. You can run a Google search to discover such sites – type “topic, ” “for,” and inurl:links.html. Prepare a long-form industry-guide type of content to fulfill the need of the target group. A comprehensive or elaborate piece will help you place links and promote content even better. And contact owners who have such resource pages.


Small businesses greatly benefit through local link building strategies as ranking for industry-based keywords relevant to the client’s city or location becomes easy. You get plenty of links, but it can be challenging to integrate them into your SEO campaign. You can address this by producing content containing some of the city’s best brands. However, these cannot be the client’s competitors. It’s a link bait because other brands from your client’s city earn exposure and customers. But how does this help your client’s work? You can ask them to promote your client’s business in their networks in return.

Suppose your client has a hotel in a specific US city. You can develop a content piece with a list of top cafes in the locality. Or, if it’s a veterinarian site, you can get content written on pet-friendly coffee shops in that specific city. Before initiating anything in this direction, reaching out to those places and confirming if they want to feature in your content piece is always better. Their approval will be suitable for your SEO branding efforts. They will promote the content and, by default, your client’s business.

Backlinking or link building is just one part of SEO, but the area is so vast that you can continue to learn and implement new things.

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