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The Launch of The Cardanaires Cardano based Collectibles is a Success

The Cardanaires, a blockchain-based collectible series built on the Cardano network, launched yesterday with much anticipation and enthusiasm. Fast becoming one of the most promising blockchain-based collectible series of 2023, the launch of this new breed of digital asset marks a milestone moment in the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Designed as an alternative to existing blockchain solutions, The Cardanaires offer a unique set of features that provide users with unprecedented access to digital asset ownership, liquidity & passive income opportunities. Through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on their own marketplace platform users have been purchasing these digital assets securely using the most robust payment gateway available on Cardano, named NMKR.

The pioneering release came out of an ambitious project designed by industry veterans Tangent and bohemian Japan based artist Kwrtz. The team at The Cardanaires were determined to make sure that their product would stand out from other NFT projects by providing multiple utilities other than just the arts. With a dedication to offering better returns post-purchase, improved conditions for community building through access to private servers, top class aesthetically pleasing graphics with hidden riddles— they have achieved their goal. 

The launch is one of many crowning achievements not only for the team behind the release but also for the Cardano ecosystem as a whole including the much anticipated Vasil Hard Fork which completed in 2022. Cardano’s NFT scene is rapidly catching up with the more established alternatives found on Ethereum & Solana. To make sure that their products could match up to market demands they have taken extra care when rolling out each feature associated as well as providing advanced auditing measures such as multi signature authentication when Tangent release their DAO later this year. 

“We are extremely pleased with how smoothly this launch has gone. We would like to thank NMKR for providing such an easy to use function for our community. We feel we’ve made great strides towards future proofing decentralized financial systems, setting a precedent for how NFTs should be minted whilst ushering in an era where both newcomers and experienced traders can enjoy frictionless entry into new markets — all enabled by Cardano’s cutting edge technology.,” says CEO Clint Alexander. “We are incredibly excited about where Tangent is heading next!”

It should be noted that The Cardanaires comes with added utility. Each NFT has a different staking power within Tangent’s NFT Farm, according to their individual rarity and edition (Gold, Silver or Bronze). Within each digital asset there are hidden riddles for the collector to decipher. Holding each NFT will allow the collector to access locked, private groups within Tangent Protocols private Discord server and even an airdrop entitlement at a later date.

Already garnering interest from across many circles within crypto including institutions, high net worth individuals and global brands; The Cardanaires and Tangent Protocol as a whole, plan on regularly updating & improving features throughout 2023. From introducing their NFT staking platform to creating RealFi, redeemable goods gateaway and their Tanglobe NFT on chain game. For now though — the niftiest way to invest your hard earned crypto remains the same: invest into The Cardanaires series today. 


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