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The latest technology to track your stocks: from personalized notifications to portfolio performance management

track your stocks

Ever since the emergence of the retail investor, technology has been at the forefront of innovation, giving traders access to state-of-the-art tools that made their jobs easier. In the past, trading was not accessible and transaction costs were high. However, through online brokers and technology, transaction fees became very low and allowed more people to trade on exchanges. People have long embraced offline tools such as Microsoft Excel to manage their portfolios or have been dependent on their brokers to provide updates. However, these times are over with new stocks tracker advancements.

From Excel to Google Sheets

Many retail investors still depend on tools such as Excel and Google Sheets. Although they’ve been around for decades, they do come with advancements that are worth noting. For example, some functions and macros can get real-time information from exchanges. This allows you to build a dashboard with the latest information. When you browse the Internet, you even find investors that have built custom macros to send an email when the prices change by a certain percentage.

What if we told you things could be much easier?

Naturally, it is important to stay up to date with market changes, especially when you are investing in growth stocks. The same holds for the crypto markets. However, not everyone is capable of building macros nor is this the most efficient way of achieveing your investment goals . This is where stocks tracker technology comes in. Companies have been working to create technology that allows you to capture your complete portfolio in a single application.

Market news and push notifications

The advantages of a stocks tracker start with the real-time provisioning of market news. All news that is related to your holdings can be provided, even as a push notification. The same holds for price changes (e.g., above or below a certain threshold). This allows you to be on top of your game without the need to continuously check the news or your email.

Insight into your performance

Many of today’s stock trackers allow you to create portfolios within the application. This way, you can create separate groups of stocks that you own to understand their performance. For example, you can split your dividend and growth stocks to see an accurate reflection of their performance. This makes sense, as dividend stocks do not appreciate that much compared to growth stocks.

By splitting these stocks into groups, you can set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each of them to understand their performance. Based on this analysis, you can determine if you want to change your strategy, or add/remove certain stocks from your portfolio. a leading stocks tracker provider

To capture the essence of what a stocks tracker can offer, we can look at Delta. This is a modern application that not only allows tracking stocks but also other asset types such as crypto. This way, you can have a complete real-time overview of your holdings across assets. In the digital era, this could be considered a requirement to trade in markets that are open 24/7 and spread across the globe.

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