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The Last Palmswap Trading Competition Before Mainnet Launch. Up to 500K PALM in Prizes – for free!


Palmswap, a perpetual DEX based on BSC, will give away 500,000 PALM tokens to participants in its trading competition starting from May 25th, 2022 till June 10th, 2022. It is part of the celebration of their successful testnet launch and the last airdrop before they launch on Mainnet.

Palmswap has implemented many new features into their Exchange on the BSC testnet, and they are now one step closer to releasing it on Mainnet.

Anyone has the opportunity to participate in this Trading Competition. The only thing users need to do is connect their metamask wallet to BSC testnet, claim test tokens, and trade on Palmswap. PALM tokens will be claimed as soon as the TGE has been performed.


How to join?

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  • Step 1: Connect your wallet to BSC testnet, request test tokens from palmswap, and set your first trade.
  • Step 2: Connect to Palmswap testnet and start trading to become one of the top 100 traders and snag a piece of 500,000 PALM Tokens

Ranking/Prizes overview table

Rank Amount of Tokens (PALM)
#1 100,000 
#2 75,000
#3 60,000
#4 45,000
#5 30,000
     #6                   25,000
     #7                   20,000
     #8                   15,000
     #9                   12,000
    #10                  10,500
    #11-25                   2500
    #26-50                   1500
    #51-75                   1000
    #76-100                   500

Moving Ahead Faster: Palmswap DEX and PALM Tokens

Palmswaps goal is to build an ecosystem of DeFi products. Each Palm product will fill a gap in the market and solve problems in the sector. They aim to become the world’s safest, most reliable, and most accessible Perpetual DEX on the Binance Smart Chain.

Key Features of Palmswap:

  • Long and short trades via market order
  • Long and short trades via limit order
  • Use Leverage
  • Set take profit and stop loss order
  • Stake, farm, or use tokens for governance
  • Invite friends and earn 20% of their paid fees
  • Hold tokens and pay lower fees
  • Set trades and get rewarded with tokens through trading cycles

The PALM token is a governance token designed to facilitate and incentivize the decentralized governance of the protocol. The ecosystem is centered around governance, trading rewards, staking, and farming and has been developed to fuel the future growth and decentralization of the Protocol.

The first way to get PALM tokens without Airdrop – Retroactive Rewards 

The Retroactive trading program encourages early traders to trade on the protocol. It gives users the incentive to trade on the platform and is thus a powerful growth stimulant. In addition to the Retroactive Trading Program, Trading Cycles are another tool designed to provide exactly this incentive in the long run.

4% of the total token supply (40,000,000 PALM) will be distributed to early traders on the protocol based on their trading volume. To claim tokens, users must trade on the Palmswap Exchange in the first 30 days after launch on BSC Mainnet.

Palmswap believes it is more compelling to reward early protocol adopters with a snapshot and give them voting rights over the future of Palmswap, so the Palmswap protocol will be managed by its users. 

About Palmswap

Palmswap is a perpetual DEX built on BSC. A decentralized alternative to perpetual future exchanges like Bitmex, Bybit, FTX, Binance, etc. Palmswap is the first DEX with 100% on-chain order types, affiliate programs, and unique token use cases. Users don’t have to register, KYC, or source of funds obligations and are in 100% control of their assets at all times. Users trade with very low transaction fees through the BSC and have the same trading tools as on central exchanges.


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