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The Lack of Integrity in Modern Day Consumerism

Wlive in a time where anything is marketable. For instance, I found a handbag shaped very odd and you could barely fit anything useful into it, and to make it worse, it was made out of tin. I understand being different helps sell more products, but also checking all of the boxes for the product’s functionality should also be a priority. I don’t think I have to mention any brand names because it’s easy to guess which ones I’m talking about. They take everyday objects and barely make it functional and price it heavy because of their name. This article was inspired by Soetsu Yanagi’s, The Beauty of Everyday Things and a handbag my mom owns.

This quote should be relevant now more than ever. Soetsu explains that everyday things should be affordable for everyone, durable, and satisfy it’s user. There is no problem with pricing things high because of a brand’s reputation, but I believe that recently, the name decides the price instead of quality. I also understand that supply and demand is the cause for the high prices, but if you’re looking at an exponential return anyway, why not make the quality better? There is a demand for expensive things because we think it gets the job done better than it’s cheaper alternative, which is true in many cases, but also false in plenty. When looking at tech, which is heavily involved in our day to day lives now, chances are the more expensive option will satisfy your needs better than the cheaper options, for example the latest Canon cameras will be better than a camcorder from the 90s. This isn’t the case for most day to day objects though, a shirt shouldn’t be expensive, and if it is, it should be because of the quality and not the brand.



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