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Jawwad Ali Khan - A Data Engineer

How Jawwad Ali Khan is Empowering the Next Generation of Data Experts

Jawwad Ali Khan is a Data Engineer whose ambitious work and community-centric plans guide him through his career. Khan’s own experiences bred him a desire to bring technology and knowledge sharing to communities.

Khan is actively engaged in Data centric roles like Data Engineering and Data Analytics & Sciences. With a Master’s Degree from NED University in data engineering and Information Management, extensive professional experience along with multiple certifications, and a host of speaking engagements under his belt, Khan knows about the importance of data-driven technology. At university, Khan’s thesis focused on machine learning to process data related to blood diseases. Research for his thesis included processing over 20 million live records of real samples. In the medical field machine learning models needed a higher accuracy, over 95%. He gave valuable insights and recommendations for future oncology researchers and suggested future work. Upon this thesis’s success, the dean asked Khan to deliver a session on data engineering & Analytics. He delivered a successful session, which went live on the University’s YouTube official channel.

During his early career in Pakistan, Khan worked for A.F. Ferguson & Co., part of the prestigious PwC Network. He joined as Trainee Consultant and left firm As a Senior Technical Consultant, Khan used his knowledge of CRMs, ERPs, Hadoop, and more to design and implement app storyboards, which became functional apps. This experience helped hone Khan’s BI (Business Intelligence) skills, aiding him in better understanding customer’s needs and how to help businesses grow.

After working for PwC, Khan began working with Royal Cyber as a Data Warehouse Engineer and was later promoted to master data management (MDM) lead. He saw further success through his work with Azure, a cloud computing platform. At one point, Khan managed 13 databases in Azure simultaneously.

His skills led him to the Silicon Valley startup Folio3 Software, a company recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2022, where he worked as a Senior Software Engineer (Senior Data Consultant). At Folio3, Khan led Power BI analytics teams and designed scalable data pipelines, contributing to the company’s development of the Pluto App. Khan also successfully managed a complex analytics and reporting project across five countries. This initiative integrated advanced reporting solutions for financial teams throughout Asia, significantly enhancing operational efficiency by implementing near real-time analytics. The system handled gigabytes of data, reducing query response times from 45–160 minutes to just 10–15 minutes and achieved a 95% reduction in data size. This innovative solution provided capabilities that the current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system lacked, supporting dynamic and scalable reporting critical for the financial operations in multiple regions. In 2023, Khan moved to Riyadh, KSA, to work with Alfanar as a Senior Engineer Data Analysis (Sr. Data Engineering and Analytics consultant).

During his career, Jawwad Ali Khan always had community in mind. Khan authored a book in Urdu, “Data Engineering & BI,” written for his community back home. The book takes complex data engineering concepts and makes them accessible to IT professionals and students who might otherwise not have access to practical insights and hands-on skills as Khan did. In addition to his book, Khan regularly shares videos on data-driven decision-making, a big part of BI, Data engineering, and AI, uploading videos to YouTube. He provides free education and practical knowledge to over 116K subscribers.

As a member of the IEEE CS Technical Community on High-Performance Computing, the Big Data Community, and the IEEE Young Professionals, Khan stays active in his profession. He has participated in multiple conferences: an online session for the Fourth International Webinar on AI ML, Data Science, and Robotics, speaking on Data-Driven Decision-Making, and a session for the Azure data engineering at a national university, helping students and new grads on Data Engineering Using different stacks. His next project is training new professionals in Data Engineering and Data Science. Khan has a keen interest in helping students, new graduates, and newcomers to the industry to skill up with the latest technologies, skills, and developments in data engineering, data sciences, and data-driven decision-making. For this he also has aligned with 2 academies to support the cause.

Khan’s future aspirations correlate to the trend in data sciences he witnessed, which brought him to Saudi Arabia in 2023. To work on data engineering, machine learning, and data-driven decision-making projects that will make an impact, he needs to be in a market with the highest demand for these technological advancements: the United States. American industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, food, construction, and many others won’t operate without data driven decision making and machine learning in the nearest future.

According to the BLS, the employment of data scientists is projected to grow by 35% from 2022 to 2032, significantly faster than the average for all occupations. This rapid growth underscores the need for skilled resources in the United States. Khan plans to leverage his international expertise to contribute to the U.S. market by training new professionals and empowering the next generation of data scientists and engineers. Through this, he continues his mission of giving back to the community.

In the near future, industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, food, and construction will increasingly rely on machine learning and data to operate efficiently. This shift will lead to smarter production processes, personalized shopping experiences, optimized supply chains, and improved project management. As these technologies evolve, they will transform traditional practices, making operations more predictive and responsive. Enhanced data-driven insights will drive innovation and competitiveness across these sectors. Ultimately, this technological integration will pave the way for more sustainable and dynamic industrial growth.

The United States stands at the forefront of technological innovation, and Khan’s work can further influence the efficiency of data systems in healthcare, finance, and government operations. By leveraging machine learning and data analytics, he seeks to drive improvements across these sectors, ensuring that they operate more efficiently and effectively. This approach not only supports economic growth but also contributes to better health outcomes and streamlined government processes. Professionally, Khan’s goal in the United States is to contribute to the advancement of data engineering and analytics in sectors critical to national interest (e.g., Healthcare, Finance, Business, etc.) He envisions himself working in Texas, where the booming tech industry and vibrant business ecosystem will provide ample opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

As Khan advises the future generations in Data Engineer: “In the world of data, staying curious and continuously learning are key. The most significant advancements come from those who dare to innovate and share their knowledge with others to create better solutions to our community.” He further added “I like a statement from M.A. Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan: “Think 100 times before you take a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man.”. This quote deeply resonates with me, as it encapsulates the essence of facing life’s challenges and solving problems. Throughout my journey, I have been unwaveringly consistent and hard-working. Embracing challenges and learning new things has never been an issue for me. I strive to perform at the highest level, sometimes pushing myself to the point of frustration when I don’t achieve my desired results. Upon reaching the pinnacle of the local market, I moved to the Middle East to further hone my skills and embrace new challenges. This relentless pursuit of growth and excellence is what drives me, and I am committed to making meaningful contributions wherever I go.”



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