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The Key Elements of a Press Release

If you have a lot of information about your company that you need to publicize quickly, chances are you need to write a press release. A good press release is one that draws the reader in and provides them the most important information in about a page of reading. The right release will consist of several key components.

The Headline

Whether you write your piece yourself of you use press release services, your release needs to have a strong headline. A strong headline that pulls in the reader’s attention is essential for convincing them to read it. A strong headline is short, to the point, and includes specific key information, such as a sales number or a brand name. For example, a weak headline will only mention a company’s name. A strong one will mention the company’s name as well as the names of any products or people mentioned in the press release. Keep the headline’s length in mind as well, since many email applications cut off the headline after a certain number of characters. Shorter headlines are more likely to be viewed in full.

The Subheading

Underneath the heading, the press release should have a subheading. Usually italicized, this is a one-sentence follow-up to the heading that expands on the news by providing more facts, numbers, and names. It should be direct and only use information that adds context to the heading.

The Body Text

The body of the press release is where you put the bulk of your information. The first paragraph of the body text should focus on the core message. Ask yourself who, what, when, where, and why, and answer those questions within the first paragraph. Make sure that paragraphs are short. They should be no longer than six sentences each, but the shorter they are, the more likely it is that people will read the full press release.

In the following paragraphs, you can provide additional information about the topic by expanding the information you provided in the first paragraph. Remember to use these parts to provide supporting data. Use numbers, quotes, and other quantifiable information to ensure your message is taken an expertise within the industry. Additionally, quotes will make your information more relatable for the reader. If using quotes, be sure to attritube them correctly, including the name of the person, their title, and the company they work with.

The Boilerplates

No matter what your press release is about, it needs to include the boilerplates after the main body text of information. Boilplates are paragraphs that provide more information about the company. This helps the reader learn more quickly and easily what the company is about, what products or services it provides, and who the key people involved with the company are. Boilerplates should be 4-6 sentences each and should include links to the company’s website and/or social media profiles.

The Contact Information

Another standard element of every press release is the contact information. Beyond the basics of a website or phone number, the contact information at the end should include the names, regions or territories, phone numbers, and email addresses for the key members of the public relations team or anyone else involved in the press release.

The Press Kit

While not every press release will need it, many of them now include press kits. Press kits provide additional information about the press release, products, or services. It typically includes the logos of any company that is involved in the release, images of the products or services mentioned in the press release, and media such as videos, gameplay screenshots, or trailers. These pieces should all be a part of your marketing and PR tookit.

Putting out a press release is an excellent way to inform other companies, potential customers, shareholders, and other key components of the company about new products, services, or other relevant information. By ensuring your press release contains all of these key elements, you put your best foot forward and keep people interested in the products or services you provide. Remember, a press release must be well-written, easy on the eyes, and professional. If you aren’t sure how to write one yourself, consider hiring a professional to help you create the best press release possible.

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