The Journey of a Multi-Talented Composer, Arranger, Performer, and Producer


In the world of music, where creativity meets technical precision, few individuals possess the versatility and expertise exhibited by RICHARD WANG. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning composition, arrangement, performance, and production, RICHARD WANG has carved a distinguished path in the realm of soundscapes and melodies.

The Melodic Odyssey Begins:

RICHARD WANG‘s journey into the realm of music began with a passion ignited at an early age. From the delicate keys of the piano to the intricate strings of the guitar, RICHARD WANG immersed himself in the diverse world of musical expression. This early exploration laid the foundation for a career that would span continents and genres.

Composing the Symphony of Success:

One of the defining chapters of RICHARD WANG‘s career unfolded under the mentorship of acclaimed film composer Jacob Shea. As Shea’s trusted assistant, RICHARD WANG played a pivotal role in monumental projects such as “Planet Earth III” and “Hagen.” The collaboration with industry luminaries like Dan Smith and Adam Lukas underscored RICHARD WANG‘s ability to thrive in high-pressure environments while contributing creatively to multifaceted compositions.

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Beyond the realm of film, RICHARD WANG made significant contributions to television soundtracks, including “Mountain Men” and “Welcome to Plathville.” His compositions added depth and emotion to visual narratives, earning recognition from audiences and critics alike.

Harmonizing Artistry and Arrangement:

Anže Rozman served as another influential figure in RICHARD WANG‘s musical journey. Collaborating on projects like “Prehistoric Planet” and “Frozen Planet II,” RICHARD WANG proved himself to be a valuable team member for key productions inside the company. The fusion of orchestral arrangements with contemporary sounds in collaborations with artists like Camila Cabello demonstrated RICHARD WANG‘s ability to bridge diverse musical worlds seamlessly.

Conducting the Symphony of Achievement:

In 2022, RICHARD WANG ascended to new heights as he took the stage at Berklee’s Commencement Concert. Leading a 60+ piece orchestra in a rendition of James Newton Howard’s “Harvey Two-Face” from “The Dark Knight,” RICHARD WANG mesmerized an audience of over 2000 with his conducting prowess. The momentous occasion culminated in praise from the composer himself, reaffirming RICHARD WANG‘s exceptional talent and dedication.

Performance: A Virtuosic Display:

RICHARD WANG‘s proficiency as a performer extends beyond the realm of composition and arrangement. From captivating audiences with classical guitar performances on national television to enchanting listeners as a pianist at exclusive events, RICHARD WANG exudes a rare blend of technical mastery and emotive storytelling.

Piano Cantaloupe Island Profile

Awards and Accolades:

Throughout his illustrious career, RICHARD WANG has garnered numerous accolades, including first prizes in prestigious guitar competitions and recognition for academic excellence at Berklee College of Music. These achievements serve as a testament to RICHARD WANG‘s unwavering commitment to musical excellence and innovation.



Dean’s List / GPA: 3.93 (Summa Cum Laude) 2022 Berklee

Berklee Achievement Scholarship Recipient 2019-2022 Berklee

Award for Creativity in Commercial Writing – Contemporary Writing & Production (Berklee) 2020

First Prize – XIII AV RIO regional Guitar Competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016

First Prize – VII Fred Schneiter National Guitar Competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016

The Future Symphony Unfolds:

As RICHARD WANG continues to evolve as a composer, arranger, performer, and producer, the future holds endless possibilities. Whether crafting evocative soundtracks for cinematic masterpieces, orchestrating symphonic performances on grand stages, or captivating audiences with soul-stirring performances, RICHARD WANG remains at the forefront of musical innovation, inspiring generations to come.


 (571) 424-5047 

Email: richard.wang.music@gmail.com

Website: https://richardwangmusic.wixsite.com/website 

Reel: https://play.reelcrafter.com/Or_WvNtARG6DLkkEhLLeRQ

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