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The Invoice Management App Freelancers Must Have

Invoice Management

If you are a freelancer or an independent creator who works with clients directly without relying on an escrow service or a freelancing platform, Moojo is one app that you should have with you at all times. Created by industry leaders, the app is designed to smooth out the wrinkles of one of the biggest problems in the growing freelancer sector: How to handle the invoicing and payment schedule with multiple clients?

With the gig economy ever on the rise, independent skilled people have started to turn towards freelancing. From side hustles to creating your own business, there is always something to do for anyone.

However, skilled as anyone might be, several aspects of being your own boss require time and attention. If the content creator lacks the expertise for these, this can swiftly become a problem down the road.

Invoicing and Getting Paid

One of the most important administrative tasks freelancers and other creators face is doing all the non-core operations themselves in their gigs and freelancing setups. Creators can be good at what they do, but unlike an organization where there are specialized departments and expert employees that handle different aspects of the setup, freelancers are on their own.

This can lead to several mismanagement issues as creators may lack experience or find the wave of different tasks a bit too overwhelming.

One of these crucial elements is invoicing and getting paid on time. As a freelancer or creators’ work load grows, the pressure to work and deliver their services on time can lead to instances where they can forget to create an invoice and send it out on time. Even if it is, the follow up can be time consuming and keeping tabs on incoming payments can be difficult.

Moojo: A Simplified Invoicing App

Moojo is a mobile app that caters to invoicing issues in a simple and elegant manner. The app is designed to create, edit and automatically send out invoices to clients. The process has been specifically built to cater content creators and freelancers so they can concentrate on what they do best: create.

However, Moojo is more than just an invoicing app that lets you generate bills for clients. Built to perfection, the app offers several benefits, including:

  • Easy Invoice Creation: Simply enter the data such as work down and the amount charged. Moojo will create a standardized invoice that you can send out to your clients instantly.
  • Automated Invoicing: Set up the invoicing so that clients can receive the invoices without the freelancer needing to send these out, thanks to the monthly auto-invoicing feature.
  • Time Savings: No need to do any follow-ups with clients. Moojo will pursue that for you so you can spend time on your work.
  • Tax Friendly: Freelancers can get all the documentation necessary for their tax declarations.
  • Instant Payment: Need to be paid right now? Moojo’s Instant Payment option lets you get your invoice value from Moojo. The client’s payment becomes Moojo’s problem, not yours.

Upcoming Moojo Services

Moojo is working on some features that will give more flexibility and ease to its users.

For independent and solo workers, the equipment and tools they use are their biggest assets. Moojo will be offering different monthly-based insurance packages to cover for any unforeseen circumstances. The insurance is not locked for long periods and can be cancelled at any time.

Moojo will also be providing tailor-made loans as securing capital can be strenuous for freelancers. This way content creators and freelancers can expand and scale their business when it is booming without wasting time and resources on an application for a loan.

One of the biggest joys of freelancing is the ability to set your own work schedule and take breaks whenever you want. But for many, taking a vacation can be a bit of a hassle as it means no work and therefore, no income. Moojo will be offering freelancers the ability to take out vacation loans and travel the world. Moojo will cover all fixed costs and users will be able to pay back at an agreed date later.

An Industry Leader

Moojo has rapidly become the choice of freelancers as it helps them concentrate on their work and worry less about payments. The app, a creation of three very talented leaders in the German fintech arena, has already caught the attention of several high-profile backers, including Helvetia, Red Swan, JAPX and Neoteq Ventures.

A completely free service loaded with all the necessary features that freelancers and creators need, Moojo does not have a cap on the number of invoices users can send out nor does it take a commission on standard invoicing (only a small 2.39% fee for any instant payments requested).

Located in Germany, Moojo is a BaFin regulated service and covers all regulatory requirements, including user data and funds protection.

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