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The Intersection of Branding and Communication: A Holistic Approach

Sarvesh Raj Rocque, PhD

Training Specialist,

Amity University – AUMP

The key to building and maintaining relationships between a brand and its consumers is the ability to communicate flawlessly with them. Several communication channels are used by brands to ensure that their efforts are successful in order to reach their target audiences. Since the world of branding is constantly evolving, brands need to continually cultivate new channels in order to remain relevant to the consumer as the world of branding is constantly changing. 

Using inclusive communication techniques is one of the most important techniques that communications professionals can use to build a strong brand. An organization or brand must communicate in an inclusive manner if they are to attract and retain a larger audience.

A brand’s communication should be carefully crafted, and alternative viewpoints should be avoided for the sake of keeping customers as long as possible. In the era of social media, public relations mishaps can occur in a number of different situations because of the reach of social media. In order to manage crisis communications effectively on behalf of a brand, it is essential that you have the necessary skills. When faced with a brand crisis, the ability to quickly comprehend how to effectively communicate with the audience will determine whether a brand is able to reach the audience with a genuine, clear message utilizing the best and fastest communication channels available at that time in order to effectively reach the audiences.

There is an intrinsic link between branding and communication that can be traced back to empathy. When it comes to branding, empathy refers to the ability to see something from the perspective of the customers or potential customers. It is essential for communication experts to think about what they can do for the customer at all times. When brand communication experts put themselves in the shoes of their customers, they are much better able to understand their needs.

Given the reach of social media, a brand’s communication strategy needs to incorporate a robust written communication component as part of its overall communication strategy. In addition to establishing a connection with the customer, a professionally written communication has the potential to deliver an impactful message that will leave a lasting impression. Social media is a platform that allows brands to convey messages directly, so their messages have to be conveyed in as few words as possible. Using social media as a communication tool requires brands to convey a clear and concise message to their target audience, one that resonates with them on an emotional level. As a brand, it can be difficult to cultivate the ability to write well. However, it is an essential skill for any brand that wishes to engage with its audience.

In terms of brand management and communication, listening is one of the most effective communication skills that a brand can possess. Brands are only able to engage with their customers if they are attentive to their needs and are keen to listen to what they are saying to them. Furthermore, due to this practice, brands are in a position to tailor messages specifically for niche customers. This is because niche customers can then relate to the messages the brands are conveying, as a result. In order for a brand to be able to communicate effectively with its customers, it must be able to hold their attention at any time they are speaking with them. A brand that listens to its customers is better equipped to communicate with them in a more effective manner as long as it listens to their feedback.

(The author, Sarvesh Raj Rocque, PhD, is currently employed at Amity University as a trainer. For the past 17 years, he has worked in the field of human resources and education. He is an experienced trainer who enjoys working with both large and small groups. In addition to teaching English, he also teaches foreign words, presentation skills, public speaking, personality development, interview skills, and answering techniques to law students and business students.)

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