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The innovative fixed-time trading platform that experienced exponential growth in months


Wefinex, the innovative trading platform is all set to attract more traders by introducing a simpler and better way to trade and earn. The Wefinex platform provides the financial instruments that enable traders to profit by forecasting the right price action of popular cryptocurrency pairs. Traders make forecasts as to whether the price of the crypto asset will rise or fall in a short period of time. If the forecast is correct, the trader gets a big profit from their initial trade amount.

Starting from the first quarter of 2020, Wefinex has attracted thousands of traders in the first week thanks to its simple trading style and interface as well as the highly attractive affiliate program. First month in the market, Wefinex went viral among the trading community with more than 10,000 visitors per day from over 10 countries. Five months in the market, Wefinex’s user base has grown exponentially with nearly 50,000 visitors per day from over 25 countries and monthly visitors grow to over 1 million. According to Alexa, Wefinex has reached the top 3000 websites in global internet traffic and engagement with visitors come from all over the world, especially Russia and Brazil. 

To achieve such phenomenal success in such a short period of time, gain the trust of customers and gain recognition in the international market, Wefinex positions their platform as one of the most transparent and highly secured exchanges. To maintain their transparency to all users, Wefinex has established Bitcoin Prices Indices. This Indices is calculated using a wide variety of data sources from other reputable exchanges in the industry and published for trading in real-time. Moreover, the platform utilizes top-tier data and asset protection technology in order to protect their customers’ assets.

The Wefinex team innovates very actively to ensure that customers trust their reliability and are happy with the platform. They constantly upgrade and release new product features such as Quick deposit, Quick borrow, Copy trading, Challenges,… These features are backed with cutting-edge technologies and built with a view to offering truly innovative methods to maximize investors and partners profits by helping them to create multiple streams of income. At the center of this innovation is the Wefinex Affiliate program that provides their partners with two sustainable types of commissions: Agency Commission and Trading Commission. This new approach will strengthen the relationship between agencies and traders, which ultimately encourage agencies to help traders increase their win rate as well as their trading volume to earn more together.

Apart from the attractive Affiliate program, traders on Wefinex can participate in many activities that help them earn more based on their trading skills and trading volume. With Daily Lucky Draw, 3 lucky winners will be chosen to receive an iPhone worth $1000 every day based on the number of lucky tickets they obtain from trading activities. More than that, there will be Weekly challenges and Monthly challenges for both traders and agencies. From the beginning of Agency and Trading Challenges, winning Agencies have received a total of $109,000, and winning Traders has received a total of $344,000. The biggest price a trader can receive in the Challenges is $25,000 and the biggest price an agency can receive is $12,000.

With a customer-centric business model, always wanting to help customers trade more effectively and easily, Wefinex will increasingly be popular among traders of all investment levels. Wefinex’s ultimate mission is to offer the most convenient, secure, and innovative trading solution in the world. The team is planning to constantly grow, take new heights, and captivate the whole world with flawless service and a superior product for trading. 

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