The Importance of Relationship Apps During This Pandemic


During the pandemic, many people are struggling to find relationships, or maintain their sex lives in a time of uncertainty.

As one probably knows, having a good relationship is important for health, and a good sex life is needed for wellness.

However, when you’re still at home, this can be an issue. Luckily, there are some apps that can rekindle that old flame, or help you find a new one.

Let’s look at some of them.


This is an app that is a sex coach in your pocket.

If you’re having sexual issues, don’t feel afraid to seek help for them. Many people may feel embarrassed, especially if you are someone who is having performance issues. But that is a part of being human, and getting help can allow you to maintain sexual wellness.

This app, which was developed by experts in sexual health, can give you advice and help you solve common issue. It’s subscription-based, and it’s $59.99 annually.


Mindfulness is used quite a bit in self-care, helping those who use it stay in full awareness of the present.

Ferly works to keep you mindful when you’re having sex. You can journal your activities, take breathing exercises, listen to stories, and much more.

Mindfulness in general is a great way for you to improve your mental well-being overall. From helping you to relax to helping you to stop worrying so much, there are many reasons to be more mindful.

It’s subscription-based too, and it goes for $35.99 annually. There is also a monthly plan if you are unsure of the commitment and don’t want to spend as much initially.


This is another app that is developed by sexual wellness experts.

Like Coral, it’s aimed towards being an app that’s like a love coach in your pocket. It can help those who are having relationship issues, as well as people who are solo.

Solo sex help is also important. From masturbation to self-confidence, there’s many problems single people face. Lover hopes to resolve all those problems in a way that is fun.

Lover is available for $59.99 annually. It’s worth checking out, and it may be worth it if you don’t care for Coral.


What if you and your partner need to speak to a therapist?

In 2021, that can be a challenge.

This is due to not just the pandemic, but because of differing schedules and the cost of therapy in general.

One way you can fix that is through online counseling.

This is when you talk to a mental health professional from the comfort of your own home.

It can not only make therapy easy, but it can improve your mental health overall.

One of the best apps for online therapy is BetterHelp, which connects you to a therapist who is a good fit to handle your situation.

Not only that, but you can find quite a bit of resources that can help you be a better person, not just for your partner but for yourself as well.

There is No Shame In Downloading These Apps

Right now, we still have a stigma towards relationship help, especially when it comes to sex.

However, there should not be any stigma. You deserve to live a happy, healthy life, and these apps can help you do so.

If you want some more reassurance, mental health apps are discreet and are honestly more so than speaking to a regular therapist.

Not to mention, as mental healthcare advances, we expect to see even more apps that can help you with even more problems.

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