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The Importance of Relationship And Connection In Business To Achieve Success


The business world today is fast-paced and competitive. And it can be easy for business owners to forget that success is not solely about profit and loss statements or hitting quarterly targets. 

As human beings who desire to connect, there is an increasing demand to build long-lasting relationships with customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders. 

In fact, the importance of relationships and connection in business is more important now than ever. 

As an expert in business development and growth, Patricio Valenzuela has worked with multi-million dollar companies from real estate to debt reunification.

He says: “Building and maintaining strong connections can lead to increased customer loyalty, better partnerships, increased employee morale and retention, and ultimately, business success. Being a successful business is now about so much more than just profit margins.”

Patricio is renowned for his unique ability to give business owners the insight necessary to see exactly what is needed to improve their profitability and margins.

“I was always very interested in the entrepreneurial world from the very beginning,” he says. 

“Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of creativity. And I was always looking for new challenges, as well as different ways to solve problems. There are so many different opportunities today to find new ways and think outside the box for business owners to achieve a win in their marketplace.”

Patricio has a degree in Business Management, from the University de Los Andes, in Chile, as well as a Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology from the University of Waterloo, in Canada. He also holds an MBA and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management qualification from Macquarie University in Australia.

His work with Habitatnet, specializing in residential land investment and land development enabled the company to achieve sales of over $200 million.

And his success in helping the business grow gave him the springboard to      work as a manager with the prestigious International Group in Miami, which was created to manage Chilean Real Estate in Florida.

“I was managing investments of around $4 million per project. However, it was about much more than just strategic planning and budgets.

Patricio says: “At the core of successful business relationships is trust. When customers, partners, and employees trust you, that is when they want to invest in you.

“Clients are more likely to remain loyal to a business if they feel valued and appreciated. I have seen time and again trust and loyalty leads to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.”

He adds: “Ultimately this will lead to greater success in business.”

Patricio stresses that collaboration is another key aspect to consider. By working together, businesses can combine their strengths and resources to achieve greater success: “Collaboration can lead to the development of new products or services, increased efficiencies, and expanded market reach,” he says.

His work as a board member of multiple companies has also enabled Patricio to gather more knowledge and see the importance of relationships.

Networking he says, is key to growth, something which in post-pandemic times can still be sensitive when in person:  “A strong relationship and connection with others in the industry can lead to valuable networking opportunities,” Patricio reveals. 

“Sometimes there can be animosity when businesses are in the same field but this is a very negative view,” he adds. 

“Building relationships with others in your specific industry can lead to new business partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and the ability to share knowledge, expertise, and resources to help build better practices.”

Patricio has been a board member with the open stock company Indisa Private Hospital since 2010. Since he joined the team, the hospital has gone from having 150 beds to the second-largest practice hospital in Chile.

As well as a number of real estate organizations including Ingeval S.A Inmobiliaria del Inca, Inmobiliaria Ingeval San Miguel, Inmobiliaria Ingeval Independencia, and Inmobiliaria Ingeval Recoleta.

Holding these positions, he has seen firsthand that employee retention can make or break company growth: “Strong relationship and connection between employers and employees can result in greater employee retention,” says Patricio. 

“When employees feel valued, supported, and connected to the organization, they prefer to stay with a company long-term. The impact on success is you have a more experienced and dedicated workforce, which of course pays into success.

Patricio says finally it is also imperative for businesses to have resilience, particularly in these turbulent times: “A strong relationship and connection with stakeholders, especially in times of crisis or uncertainty, means there is much more scope for support and assistance.”

He adds this doesn’t just have to be in the form of financial support, or referrals to assist with a possible impact on income: “Strong relationships can result in something as simple as emotional support during difficult times, which is just as needed.” 

Manuel Serra, CEO of Clinica Indisa, one of Chile’s largest, most respected, and well-known private hospitals. 

He has been on the board with Patricio since 2010: “Patricio understands the importance of being collaborative, and honest,” says Manuel.   

“We had a situation after COVID when many people didn’t want to return to work. Patricio was able to negotiate not only with contractors but also with the local counties and governments. We would not have been able to continue with building the facilities.” 

He adds: “Patricio has integrity, a great eye for detail, and is honest and direct. He understands the necessity of good communication and relationships.” 

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