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The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Businesses

Over the past few years, the internet has continued to grow and with it, online reputation management has become one of the top priorities of businesses. Online reputation management is how a company or individual manages and controls their online image. With the growth of the internet, your online reputation will follow you around wherever you go. Today, 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting or considering a business. This means how your business shows up on search results and reviews is very often the first impression people have. A single post can have a large, long lasting impact on your company and your sales. At Guaranteed Removals, we believe that your online reputation should be a selling point for your company, not a liability. Therefore, online reputation management is one of the most important parts of the modern business environment.

The Three Forms of Media

In online reputation management there are three forms of online media that directly impact your reputation: earned media, paid media, and social media. Each form of media has its own sphere of influence and offers different forms of reputation building. Guaranteed Removals believes that utilizing all three forms of media is the quickest manner of building a positive online reputation and it is important to know how each form is used.

Earned media is content reviews and other forms of media that are created by 3rd party sources that are not directly affiliated with the business and that was not paid for. Earned media requires a company to stand out from their competition either due to their innovative ideas, or high-end products that customers and clients believe are worth mentioning to others. Unfortunately, earned media can also be negative if people were not happy with your services.

Paid media is all forms of media that require payment to feature on external websites and networks.  Some examples of paid media include advertising on Google or Facebook and sponsored posts on blogs. While some people look down on paid media, it is a very effective method of getting your name out to the general public and can quickly drive business.  

Finally, social media involves all content that is created for the purpose of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unlike the previous two forms of media, social media requires continual action by engaging in conversations and publishing fresh content for the public to consume. At Guaranteed Removals, we believe that creating a social media calendar is the simplest way of staying on top of your social media accounts and keeping them populated with content.

Improving Online Reputation

Improving your online reputation can be one of the most difficult tasks that any business faces.  There are many methods of improving your online reputation, but they can take a long time. One tactic is to create new, positive content that alongside using SEO can push down negative content on search engine results pages. Negative content has a larger impact on a business when there is no positive content available for the company online. Another method of improving your online reputation is to purchase the services of a content removal company such as Guaranteed Removals. By removing the content, it helps to clean up your online reputation and give you a second chance.

Managing an online reputation is not a one and done type of thing; it is a continual exercise that will take years to cultivate. However, the benefits of having a positive online reputation cannot be understated.

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