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The Importance of Communities in Web3 Gaming

Communities in Web3 Gaming

The gaming industry is not only big and a force to reckon with now but has come a long way since its inception more than half a century ago. Once thought of as a loser’s toys, it is now one of the most sought-after industries, with a value of over $300 billion! Gaming has become a source of socialization, income, and career opportunities for people all over the world.

However, this success would not be possible without the role of communities and these are becoming more defined and almost a cult-like following in Web3 gaming.What this entails for brands and users alike is that,it is no longer 1996 anymore and people no longer play Donkey Kong while at  the back of the family caravan during summer breaks only.

Gaming is big business across the entire supply chain and distribution networks.But what does this mean for you and your brand and how can you pivot on the power of gaming communities for a more loyal following and create raving die hard fans for your business .

The Value of Community in Gaming:

  • Decommerce Communities are a vital aspect of gaming, providing a space for gamers to connect, share ideas, and find inspiration. They foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity among gamers, creating a safe and supportive environment where people can express themselves freely. Successful gaming communities have a significant impact on the industry, influencing game development, and shaping the culture of gaming.
  • One example of a thriving gaming community is the Minecraft community, which has grown exponentially since the game’s release in 2009. Players have created a vast network of servers, mods, and content that have expanded the game’s scope and appeal. The community has also spawned multiple subcultures, such as speedrunning and competitive gameplay, further contributing to Minecraft’s longevity and popularity.
  • Gaming communities are an answer to the fear of missing out (FOMO) in every gamer. They help players from around the globe stay connected and updated. On the other hand, these communities allow brands to retain their players by regularly engaging and building a solid bond with a following that actually engages with their products. A homogenous market such as this is easier to market to and drastically reduces marketing spend.

Emergence of Play-To-Earn and Blockchain-based Gaming Protocols:

Play-To-Earn is a relatively new concept that is transforming the gaming industry. Participants in these games are rewarded with digital cash or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), creating new opportunities for game-focused economics. Blockchain-based gaming protocols offer increased transparency, security, and ownership, making it easier for players to monetize their time and effort.

These protocols have created a new type of gaming experience, where players can earn real-world value for their in-game activities. For example, games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands allow players to earn cryptocurrencies by playing the game and participating in the game’s economy. This has led to the emergence of a new type of player, the “play-to-earner,” who sees gaming as a source of income rather than just entertainment.And by introducing these concepts, brands are in a sense opting to create a favorable and safe space for their players which makes up a community of loyal followers.

Global market reach and Monetization

In 2020, the carpet that we danced on was ripped out from under our feet as covid lockdowns halted social activities. Even though  many people are still  healing from this desocialization and find it challenging to get back in the social world. However, those who participated in gaming communities may feel a bit more “at ease” about connecting with others.Thanks to gaming communities like Reddit and Twitch, gamers—and people—have become more connected than ever and connected by the hobby they love.The positive accept of these communities is that brands and users are like are no much more exposed to a global audiences and new alliances and in-market niches are created whereby we see other merchandise are being sold to these game lovers at premium rates.

Brand tone and Messaging

Did you know that you  don’t have access to 98% of your followers and you are giving away your followers to Facebook?

By building a community, brands can gain valuable insights into their audience’s preferences, pain points, and interests. This knowledge allows community managers to tailor their messaging and communication style to resonate with their audience, creating a brand tone that is relatable and authentic. By engaging with their community, brands can filter through the noise and cut through the clutter, ensuring their message is heard by the people who matter most. Ultimately, a strong community can help brands build brand loyalty and advocacy, driving business growth and success.

Leverage community engagement

Gamers spend, on average, 7 hours and 7 minutes per week gaming.

The significant amount of time gamers spend online presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their audience through engaging content. By interacting with gamers during play, brands can build stronger relationships, increase engagement, and improve brand recognition. These valuable branding benefits are amplified by the immersive nature of gaming, creating a captive audience that is receptive to new ideas and experiences. For brands looking to connect with gamers, leveraging the time they spend online is a smart strategy that can drive significant business growth and success.

How easy is it to create a community around your game?

Simple answer: It’s as easy as ABC, Try Decommerce

Decommerce provides a way that you could convert your social media and online customers into a community that you can host and own your own community data too!

Successful community community management is an essential tool for gaming communities to thrive and expand, share knowledge and provide insights into how brands can make better products too, this is like having your own brand genie that plays the game and at the same time helps you develop it

The gaming industry is continually evolving, and communities play a critical role in this process. They provide a space for gamers to connect, share ideas, and find inspiration, creating a sense of belonging and inclusivity that is essential to the success of the industry. The emergence of Play-To-Earn and blockchain-based gaming protocols has opened up new opportunities for players to monetize their time and effort, creating a new type of gaming experience. As the industry continues to grow, it’s clear that communities will remain at the heart of Web3 gaming, driving innovation and shaping the culture of gaming for years to come.


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