The Importance of Choosing the Right HVAC Software 

HVAC Software Importance

A lot of commercial HVAC contractors are seeing how important responsive HVAC software has become. It’s easily one of the most important components of a successful HVAC contractor today. You may be wondering what makes having a well-integrated and functional software so important?

1. Create a Unified Management System

One of the benefits of having HVAC software like this is having a unified management system. Having everything unified ensures that the business’ back-end is fully in-sync with the rest of the business including the field technicians and the customer base. Not only that, but it’s integral to delivering real-time updates too. This ensures that everything is done systematically and redundancy is avoided.

Being able to combine your back-end with your technicians through mobile means you don’t have a lot of on-site errors to worry about. With a basic touch of a button, they can get all of the information they need to prep for a visit including getting a full-site history list.

2. Assess Customer Profitability

Another thing that a lot of commercial HVAC contractors struggle with is not knowing which customers are profitable. There are always a few customers that waste a lot of time and don’t bring in revenue for the business. You need to know which customers these are because they can completely detract from your bottom line if you let them. However, segmenting your profitable customers from these unprofitable customers can be difficult to do manually.

The job tracking features found within some of the newer HVAC software apps like the ones developed by Buildops ensure that managers can monitor all of their technician’s time. They can look at the time it took to complete each job for every client.

This ensures that you can assess customer profitability without having to go through files for invoices and figure out the working hours for each client. This allows you to have a streamlined approach to finding out the profitability of each client.

3. Peace Of Mind For Your Customers

Another good thing you get with this type of software integration is giving your customers peace of mind. Keeping your customers satisfied is all about keeping them informed. You want to ensure you are keeping them up-to-date on everything that is going on.

This is what you get when you have such an integrated customer service platform in your business. This is known as “The Portal”. It’s become one of the most essential components of effective HVAC software. You can give your clients assess to a real-time dashboard showing what is going on and when the job is likely to be finished.

They will also be able to see updates on outstanding reactive service maintenance and even sign for quotes and invoices.

4. Save Time

While you want to ensure you are focusing on delivering the highest value for the money, you also need to save time. Your efficiency will dictate your effectiveness and success within the marketplace. You want to ensure you are doing everything as time-efficient as possible in a competitive market. The speed you can complete a daily worksheet can make the difference between succeeding and failing in a competitive landscape.

One of the most significant benefits of having HVAC software is the fact that it can boost your efficiency throughout your operations. Buildops cloud-based platform ensures you don’t have to worry about scheduling things manually. You will also be able to plan everything to ensure all of the jobs are completed as efficiently as possible. When you add this type of software to your business, you can operate much more efficiently and effectively throughout your company.

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