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The Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Carpet: Why Professional Cleaning is Essential

carpet cleaning

Constant accumulation of dirt, grime, soil, stains, and other contaminants in your carpet is one of the most common problems many homeowners face; especially while living in cities like Roseville. 

This usually happens because of excess foot traffic, humid & moist weather conditions, and constant use. But these contaminants in your carpet not only affect its appearance but also negatively impact the health of your family. 

Even if you take the utmost care of your carpet with DIY cleaning techniques, these pollutants and impurities make their way inside your carpet fibers. That’s why you must invest in carpet cleaning in Roseville and get your carpets thoroughly cleaned.  

Check out this article to know the dangers lurking in your carpets and how professionals can tackle them. 

1. Dirt, Soil & Grime  

carpet cleaning

Elevated View Of Person Walking With Muddy Footprint On Carpet

Carpets can harbor a lot of dirt, soil, and grime particles if left uncleaned for a long time. These particles eventually get deep inside your carpet fibers and reduce the beauty and lifespan of your carpet. 

Professional carpet cleaners use efficient cleaning methods that thoroughly remove the deeply accumulated dirt and grime particles from your carpet and help it look spotless for a long time. 

2. Food & Drink Stains

carpet cleaning

A dropped plate of spaghetti on new carpeting.

Staining on the carpet is a very common factor. One thing or another keeps spilling on your carpet knowingly or unknowingly. But food and drink spills not only make your carpet look a mess but also cause germs & bacteria. Food and drink stains also cause foul odors and affect the ambiance of your space. 

Cleaning technicians use beat-quality cleaning supplies that help break down the stain and odor-causing contaminants and clean them from your carpet.  

3. Germs & Bacteria

carpet cleaning

Close up of dirt on carpet

The carpet is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and allergens that can affect the health of your family. Children, the elderly, and people with allergies are more susceptible to this. These airborne particles can cause severe health problems like asthma and respiratory issues. 

Cleaning methods like hot water extraction and steam cleaning use high temperature water to deep clean the carpet. It kills the germs and bacteria and keeps them at bay. 

4. Mold And Mildew

carpet cleaning

Carpet of white and black mold fungi covering spoiled cream, food concept, abstract background texture for health care and hygiene, copy space, macro shot with selected focus and narrow depth of field

Excess moisture or water damage is the prime reason behind the growth of mold and mildew in your carpet. This harmful fungi releases toxins into the environment which can lead to respiratory problems and irritation in the skin and eyes. 

Professionals thoroughly clean and disinfect with suitable cleaning agents and remove mold and mildew from your carpet. Also, they ensure the complete removal of excess moisture after cleaning to prevent further chances of mold growth. 

5. Residue of Cleaning Supplies

carpet cleaning

cleaning red carpet floor

Another thing that lurks in your carpet is the residue of excess cleaning solutions. When you try to clean or spot-treat your carpets on your own, some amount of cleaning solution remains deep inside your carpet fibers. This residue attracts more dirt and leads to reappearing carpet stains

Cleaning technicians use powerful equipment and tools that effectively remove the residue along with dirt and other contaminants and prevent your carpets from attracting excess dirt and dust. 

6. Dust Mites & Bugs

carpet cleaning

Varied carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci.

In some cases, microbes like dust mites and bugs live in your carpet. Because carpets create a favorable environment for them to lay eggs. They can grow significantly if not addressed in an early stage. 

These bugs and dust mites can be eliminated by professional carpet cleaning techniques like hot water extraction and steam cleaning. 

Summing up

So therefore, as mentioned, carpets are the prime factor in improving the overall appearance of your home. But at the same time, it can become the prime reason for the spread of allergens and bacteria as well. So just Google carpet cleaning near me, and get your carpet thoroughly cleaned. With certified experts there to help you, your concerns regarding the carpets should have no place to exist. 

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