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The Growth of Digital Advertising; Interview with Hikari Senju, Founder and CEO of Omneky

The Growth of Crypto & Digital Advertising

Omneky offers reliable machine learning algorithms that analyze what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and use those insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement. The San Francisco-based AI-driven ad tech platform has a growing number of crypto companies turning to its platform, to help break through the advertising clutter across all digital channels. 

In this interview with TechBullion, Hikari Senju, Founder and CEO of Omneky will be sharing more details with us on the growth of digital advertising and what roles Omneky is playing.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Hikari Senju and I’m the Founder & CEO of Omneky, an AI platform that generates, analyzes and optimizes personalized ad creatives at scale. I’ve always been passionate about technology and design. While studying computer science at Harvard I started my first company called Balloon, a friend meetup app that went through DreamIt Ventures. I then founded my previous startup, an on-demand tutoring app called QuickHelp, which I later sold to and became the company’s Head of Growth. During my time at, I saw how much money was being spent on inefficient content, which inspired me to build Omneky. By combining the ability of AI to quantify design and to generate creative content, I grew the company into a tool that helps businesses grow by generating and managing ads at scale in less time and for a considerably lower cost.

What is Omneky and what unique solutions do you provide?

Omneky generates personalized ads at scale through omnichannel creative orchestration and utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to personalize advertising creative across all digital channels. Our machine learning algorithms analyze what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and use those insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement.

Omneky leverages 2 game-changing innovations: computer vision and AI generative content. Until computer vision, it was impossible to quantify design. Now designers can point to a design decision they made and can quantifiably prove that it drove 20% increase in sales. Never before have designers had that power and leverage before, and Omneky’s dashboard empowers designers to back up their design decisions with data. Omneky’s proprietary software layers on computer vision to provide correlative relationships between ad features and KPI’s. 

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 and DALLE-2 as well as our own proprietary algorithms, Omneky then generates the creative based on the insights to increase creative testing and maximize ad performance. One of the challenges of advertising is that ads can go stale and it’s hard to keep developing new content based on existing stock or product imagery. DALLE-2 lets customers generate an infinite number of new and unique visual assets, letting customers test new concepts without limits. 

Could you give us a walkthrough of the Omneky platform and the machine learning algorithms?

Omneky’s platform incorporates OpenAI’s GPT-3  and DALLE-2 on real-time marketing data to produce unique and personalized content more likely to drive the sales for our customers. We use computer vision to tag the visual and copy elements of each ad, and then have a predictive algorithm that finds which visuals and copy elements drive sales for each of our customer’s target audiences. Our generative AI then uses these key visual and copy elements to seed the generation of new ads. Our AI then learns from the launch of the new ads to discover new insights about customers in a constant loop of improvement.

Our creative management system also gives brands full control over their data and assets to help create the most effective content with AI. We are the only ad-tech platform that allows our customers to do all key job functions needed for a paid advertising campaign in a single platform. Customers can upload their assets, and powered with marketing data and AI, Omneky generates and suggests ads customers can approve and launch from the dashboard. Omneky makes advertising as easy as clicking approve.

Omneky is the only ad-tech platform that closes the loop, allowing our customers to gather creative insights across all their advertising platforms and launch AI-powered on-brand content tailored to drive sales.

Recession is affecting a lot of businesses, how can personalized ads help businesses during this recession?

Particularly in this tough tech environment, marketing and sales teams are beginning to rethink their budgets, and focus heavily on their ROIs. Omneky saves 10x the cost while delivering on average 2x increase in ROAS (return on ad spend). We’re constantly innovating to use AI to lower the cost of advertising and with AI we are empowering any compelling business to effectively connect with customers online, even if they don’t have a massive advertising budget. 

Our data-driven design insights help drive increased conversions from marketing budgets, and our AI generates creative multivariate tests that help companies stay on top of the ever changing brand landscape. Our AI-powered ads not only are better performing, but our platform is 10x cheaper than an in house marketing team or agency.

From the look of things, we could see that Omneky is experiencing impressive growth. What is the secret behind this surge in growth?

Omneky’s mission is to democratize growth. Not only is this a great mission that attracts a great talent, our product helps us focus on innovating to drive higher efficiencies from marketing budgets. 20% of marketing budgets are wasted on ineffective content and our AI insights unlock personalized design insights from marketing data to lessen the marketing wastage. Additionally our AI dynamically generates personalized brand experiences for each customer based on the insights, driving higher return on ad spend for 1/10th the cost of an inhouse team or agency. Our mission attracts a great team and customers.

Additionally we have great backers like Richard Socher, former Chief Scientist at Salesforce and one of the most highly cited research scientists in AI. His backing and support have enabled us to operate at the very cutting edge of deep learning research. 

Could you give us an overview of your client retention rate in this changing economy, how you do it and how can businesses benefit from you?

Our client retention rate has increased over the past year and we have seen over 100% net revenue retention. We do this by investing in product and customer success, and making sure that the product and customer success teams are tightly integrated to make sure we’re always innovating on behalf of customers. This has resulted in new innovative product features, such as omnichannel dashboard where customers can view the performance of all their creative across all advertising channels, view creative insights across all platforms, manage their creative via our creative management system, have AI generate personalized creative briefs, approve AI generated advertising content and more. Businesses can benefit from knowing that we are always working on making advertising work better for them.

The rising acquisition costs has also been a great challenge these days, how does your platform help in fighting this?

Gone are the days when brands can depend on a single platform for scaling growth. Brands now need a portfolio of channels they are constantly testing and optimizing to deliver scalable growth. Through our omnichannel integrations, Omneky generates and optimizes content across all advertising channels, from Meta to Google to TikTok to programmatic television. This way companies can test creatives and results across all platforms in a cost saving and effective way.

Additionally, Omneky uses GPT3 and DALLE-2 to help brands launch thousands of data-driven ads, tailored to each platform, and localized to multiple languages. We combine our AI with our own marketplace of creators – each bringing unique skills to the table – who are matched to brands based on their needs. The designer’s skills combined with state-of-the-art generative algorithms, allows them to create thousands of ads, perfectly tailored to each customer’s preference. Omneky is able to incorporate AI into both generating and recommending the base assets and templates as well as providing the final automated Q&A to make creative scaleable.  Our AI and human approach to developing  ad content directly reduces the 20% of marketing budgets that are wasted on ineffective content.

How do you guarantee real business results and ROI for your customers, any success stories you would like to share with us?

A success story to reference is finance company Yotta, in which Omneky executed a comprehensive strategy across Meta, TikTok, Google and Television. Omneky’s goal was to help Yotta develop a more iterative and focused advertising strategy, using AI to uncover correlative relationships between ad features and KPIs. 

Armed with these Insights, Omneky developed a series of “on brand” ads that sought to attain lower cost per leads and capture down funnel events like tutorial and in-app purchases. Specifically, Omneky launched UGC and testimonial long-form video ads to help Yotta expand to both Google and TikTok.

Omneky’s commitment to achieving results by quantifying design led to both a strong prospecting campaign and a carefully curated retargeting campaign. With Omneky, Yotta was able to make data-informed decisions to better understand their audiences and how to optimize creative assets for their campaigns. Our results: 

  • 50% lower cost per lead on TV
  • 30% lower cost per in-app purchase on Meta
  • 2x conversion rate on Google
  • Save over $20,000 a month in marketing costs and hundreds of hours. 
  • Refocus the roles of marketers from advertising to core product metrics, like optimizing funnels from top to bottom and analyzing full funnel metrics.

What are you currently working on at Omneky and what is next on your roadmap. Any available opportunities for investors and partnerships?

Omneky was excited to announce in July that John Donovan, former CEO of AT&T Communications, has joined as an investor. Donovan joins our impressive roster of Omneky investors that include Richard Socher, former Chief Scientist at Salesforce; Gene Farrell, former CPO/CSO at SmartSheets and former VP at AWS Enterprise; Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, Commercial Revenue at Conde Nast; Charlie Feng, Co-Founder of ClearCo; and Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO of Zuora.

In 2021, we announced our seed round funding of over $2.5 million with strategic investments from venture capital firms including Softbank’s Deepcore, Village Global and Hyphen Capital. The seed round funding allowed us to continue to expand and implement significant updates to the platform, including its AI-powered image and video generation capabilities, new digital asset manager (DAM), creator marketplace and multi-platform integrations. The platform is now generating personalized ads for more than 200 clients across LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Meta, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, programmatic TV, CTV and more.

Our team is constantly working to improve the platform by way of innovation to keep up with the fast pace of the AI and ad tech industry. We look forward to growing our list of investors, partners and our platform. Our vision is to be the personalized design layer for all applications, starting with ads, but expanding to landing pages, checkout pages and more.

Do you have more information to share with our readers today on the future of machine learning in advertising and Omneky?

Advertising has always financed innovations in communications, such as radio, television and the internet. In the face of imposing regulations on data and privacy, personalized advertising will continue to evolve, powered by AI and machine learning. Advertising plays an important role for generating demand for the growth of the global economy, and machine learning is a powerful tool.  In the last year, companies claiming they would never-advertise on their platforms,  l announced that they are going to introduce advertising into their streaming services.

There are two trends in advertising that Omneky will continue to innovate in. The first is the exponentially growing amount of data available due to increasing computing power of machines and cheaper sensors. The second trend is the decreasing cost of content due to AI generation capabilities like OpenAI’s GPT-3 and DALLE-2. Omneky is going to continue to build tools around combining these two trends to democratize growth and empower businesses to connect more effectively with their customers online.

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