The growing role of Identity as a Service in the digital world

What is Identity as a Service (IDaaS)?

Identity as a Service or IDaaS is a cloud authentication service. This authentication is constructed and maintained by a third-party provider. The purpose of such a service is to accurately verify the identity of a given user, in a credible and secure manner. It is a perfect solution for companies and organizations due to work efficiency, security of information processed by the company, speed of response, and economy. This solution only allows verified users to access specific applications, files, or other resources at the right time, ensuring that no information can fall into the wrong hands. It is much more difficult in the case of internal infrastructure. An example is the exchange of business phones for several hundred employees. Nowadays, employees use company mail and other business resources also on their work smartphones. You should then adjust local identity support immediately. It is much easier to implement a centralized cloud-based system, i.e. Identity as a Service. They provide hassle-free connectivity and include robust access and password management features.

Benefits of Identity as a Service in companies and organizations

IDaaS is based on multi-factor authentication, thanks to which the security of data, information, and all resources is increased to the maximum. This means that a given user has to provide several different data, not just one, to access specific resources or networks. Thanks to the IDaaS solution, only authorized employees can have access to proprietary data, which significantly reduces the possibility of leakage of sensitive data or company secrets. Another key benefit is savings because when using the Identity as a Service solution, companies do not have to install and update software, maintain servers, configure VPN connections, and many others. There are more and more providers of such solutions on the market, such as TrustGrid, which has created an innovative digital ecosystem dedicated to government agencies and private companies. TrustGrid enables them to build a distributed identity network between their business partners, consumers, and other agencies (for more information, see IDaaS solutions also allow you to save time, mainly due to fast login and no need to reset passwords. An employee does not have to be connected to the network in the office for the entire process to be fast and safe.

What is a cloud-based service?

Cloud services are the future of companies and organizations. These are applications or products that do not run in the local internal infrastructure of a given organization, but in the cloud on hosted servers. Such services work on a subscription basis for a given organization or company. Thanks to cloud services, there is also no risk of losing data or any resources. Due to all these benefits, more and more midsize and large enterprises are using Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service).

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