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English is the world’s lingua franca, with around 1.5 billion speakers worldwide. It is the language of business, press, education, global communications, entertainment, and the list continues. Knowing the English language is no longer just a choice. The prevalence of the language has made it a must-know to survive and grow in the real world. Whether you are willing to pursue higher education in some foreign universities or looking for good job opportunities, English speaking skills are a prerequisite. So, if you are willing to upskill and grab better growth opportunities, opting for an online spoken English class is the best option.

Prevalence of the English Language in India

Although the English language is not the most commonly spoken language worldwide, it is the official language for more than 53 countries. Moreover, most business and international communications are done in the English language. Many countries use English as the official language for education, business, trade, entertainment, etc. There’s no piece of information on the Internet that is not available in the English language. All these quite justify the essentiality of knowing the language well i.e. reading, writing, and speaking.

In countries like India with diverse cultures and languages, English finds its way to the second most commonly spoken language in the region. It’s surprising to know that India is the world’s second most English-speaking country with around 12% of the population using the language for regional as well as international communication. Most educational institutions in India have included English as a mandatory subject in the curriculum owing to its importance and universality on the global front. While one can learn to read, write, and understand the grammar of the language well, speaking requires more effort and practice.

Hence, learning and practicing English speaking under the right guidance is vital. Speaking is more than just knowing the grammar and sentence constructions. One needs to be confident and correct with the pronunciation of words to be a good English speaker. There’s no definite age or period to start working on your English speaking skills. Whether you are an aspiring student, a working professional, or have interests in languages, an online teacher for English is all you need to get started. The popularity of the English language in India and around the world has led to many expert English learning courses that one can enroll in.

Why opt for online English-speaking courses?

English is taught in schools and universities on a basic level which may not be sufficient for proper communication. Good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary does not guarantee speaking fluency. It is often observed that people with good writing skills are not always efficient speakers. Knowing something and being able to express it in words are two completely different things.

While the knowledge part can be improved over time through textbook learning, speaking requires constant guidance and practice. That’s where the role of online spoken English class is observed. These classes are designed to help candidates be expert communicators who can express themselves well through the English language. A majority of the English-speaking people in India are non-native speakers. Hence, the hesitation is evident. Fluency and confidence can be achieved over time through these courses that are designed by renowned communicators who have mastered all aspects of the English language.

Digitization has facilitated great connectivity and convenience. As a result, people can now engage in better learning without geographical restrictions. You no longer have to settle for average English-speaking tuitions nearby or delay your learning due to time constraints. These courses are designed by qualified professionals who implement modern and creative learning techniques. These prove to be more effective than other offline speaking classes and can help you upgrade significantly. Some other advantages of an online teacher for English that makes it the best way to develop spoken English skills are as follows:

  • Flexibility

One of the key benefits of e-learning is the flexibility and convenience it offers. Most candidates willing to upgrade their speaking skills are either students, working professionals, or have other commitments. A majority of them cannot afford to abandon their responsibilities and pursue a full-time English-speaking course. Online courses are a viable option for those aspiring learners who can continue learning flexibly at any time, from anywhere around the world. These courses are mostly accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones which facilitate learning on the go! You can access the course materials anytime and can make the learning process fun and productive.

  • Tailored guidance

An online spoken English class can help you get individual attention from the tutor who will offer tailored content for improved learning. Most of the offline speaking classes have monotonous course content that is the same for everyone in the batch. This can restrict your learning capacity and leave no room for improvement. On the other hand, online courses are developed as per the candidate’s requirements where each gets 100% attention from their mentors. These courses have experienced faculties with expertise in the English language who can give valuable tips for improvement.

  • Improved Learning

Practice and consistency are essential to developing speaking skills. While grammar and words can be learned and mugged up, fluency comes only with consistent practice under professional mentorship. Virtual platforms and advanced techniques have made language learning easier and more fun. Multimedia such as pre-recorded lectures, practice sessions, grammar corrective tools, interactive speaking modules, etc. encourages candidates to enjoy the learning process. As a result, they are able to retain information better with reduced errors while learning. Also, students can upskill at their own pace without rushing to keep up with the other batch mates.

Final Note

The English language is perceived to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. In reality, it’s not! It is a simple language and knowing this can give you an edge over others in the competitive world of business, education, and everything around. In recent years, an upward trend toward adopting English as the official language has been observed in most countries. Not just that, a majority of multinational companies and organizations have made English their preferred mode of communication. Hence, they prefer to hire candidates who have a good hold over the English language in terms of writing, reading, and speaking.

The universality of the English language has made it necessary for individuals to survive and compete in the professional world. Being a proficient English speaker can help in getting better exposure and grab varied growth opportunities. Speechify is one such online spoken English class provider that offers expert guidance and advanced course content for efficient upskilling. Don’t restrict yourself, be a fluent speaker under the mentorship of expert tutors. Register for the course today!

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