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The Gold Content of the PMP Certificate

Many people on the Internet are now asking since the PMP certification was initiated by the American Project Management Association, is the gold content of this certificate high in China? Is it highly recognized by the human resources department or leaders? Is there any substantial help with the work? Is it worth our own one or two months to test this certificate?
PMP certificate refers to the qualification certification of project management professionals. It is initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which strictly evaluates whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification certification exams. Its purpose is to provide a unified industry standard for project managers. As a project management qualification certification exam, it has established its authority internationally. Since 1984, PMP has trained a large number of project management professionals in the United States, and the project management profession has become the “golden profession” in the United States.
In China, many media have referred to PMP as one of the three major golden signs after the MBA and MPA.
PMP certification is initiated by the American Project Management Association and is promoted all over the world. The content is comprehensive general knowledge of project management.
Many companies will require PMP certification when hiring project managers; when companies choose partners, project bidding will also choose project teams with PMP, so the current gold content of PMP is at a high level.
Many certified students’ feedback on learning PMP includes but is not limited to:
1. Obtained a certification with high gold content;
2. The project management expertise is improved;
3. Learn management skills such as workplace communication and coordination;
4. Plan tactics in the project workplace and no longer be at the mercy of project customers;
5. Transformation project management;
6. Improve your horizons and help your career development;
7. I have gained a group of mentors and helpful friends.
Where is the gold content of the PMP certificate?
1. The improvement of personal ability
For those who want to engage in project management, PMP will be a process of systematically learning project management, fully understanding each project management process, the 47 process groups of project management, ten knowledge fields, etc., and can theoretically master what a project manager should have
Theoretical quality.
For a person who has been engaged in project management, the learning process of the PMP system can standardize the process ideas of the project and improve the efficiency and quality of project management.
2. Development after obtaining the certificate
There are opportunities for promotion and salary increase, but some people do not get a promotion or salary increase in a short period of time. However, in terms of their own abilities, there is indeed a certain improvement in working methods and work efficiency.
The opportunities for technology transfer to management have greatly increased.
3. Enhancement of competitiveness
In some large enterprises, the qualifications of the project manager must have a PMP certificate.
If you want to enter a multinational company, PMP qualification certification is an indispensable “stepping stone”, even one of the necessary conditions.
Therefore, it is best to obtain this certification on the basis of experience and ability.
The benefits of participating in PMP can be understood from two aspects:
1. The process of participating in the PMP certification and examination is also a process of systematic learning and consolidation of project management knowledge. This process will help PMP-certified participants to combine their previous project management experience with systematic project management knowledge, confirm each other, and achieve a combination of theory and practice, thereby deepening their understanding of project management.
2. Participate in the PMP certification, you can get the PMP certificate issued by PMI. And having PMP certification means that you have become a professional in project management:
a. You already have comprehensive scientific project management knowledge.
b. You have at least three years of project management experience. The project management theory and operation level have reached the international level, and they have the qualifications and ability to handle large projects.
c. Your above-mentioned knowledge and practice have been recognized by PMI internationally.
d. Due to the international recognition of PMP certification, the possession of a PMP certificate is a direct manifestation of the personal and company project management level, which will definitely improve project benefits and work efficiency for the company to win greater competitiveness; it will definitely be a PMP Bring convenience to the profession, work, and other aspects.
Finally, I wish you all success in the certification exam.

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