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The Global Gathering of GMetaOne

With a strong focus on community, the GmetaOne Global Gathering events focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and virtual goods which feature 7 hours of presentations, talks on virtual reality, the digital or virtual world, and ways of using the Metaverse to explore the future of technology, business, education, and art.

The Global Gathering of GMetaOne took place on the 6th of August, 2022, and it was a wonderful event that featured entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and some big names in the crypto industry such as Cheryl Coco, OJ Jordan, Cedrick Harris, Brandon Ivey, Tom Schenk and host of other key players in the web 3 industry.

The GMetaone Global Gathering event was streamed online via Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This was made possible by the access given to people to join the metaverse through GMetaOne.Land on GMetaOne Arena by the Team and Voxels.

That is to say, everyone who registered for the event and joined the Metaverse live was able to engage in the events in real time, not just sit as an audience streaming it.

One notable thing about the GMetaOne Gathering event was that to enter the Metaverse event; you don’t need a computer or a VR headset to experience the impact or immerse yourself in the Metaverse. All that was required is signing into the GMETA.One Arena through your mobile device and your crypto wallets such as Metamask and Trust Wallet.

Commenting on the beauty of the event, Bitpixi “@bitpixi” (a Member of the Cryptovoxels Team) via her Twitter Account tweeted concerning the GmetaOne Global Gathering that “This is probably one of the best most organized events I’ve ever seen”.

The events were sponsored by some innovative projects in the crypto world, such as Heal, Crypto Voyagers, Nowsite, CedSaid, XOXOBUSD, and TheBossWay. Everyone who attended the gathering either through streaming or lives on GMetaOne Arena was engaged in competition and a series of NFTs and other digital products were given out to the winners. There was also a special promo for anyone who purchased $50 or more of $GMOPA during the event; the person was one of those NFT T-shirts, hats, and other packages.

Another notable thing that led to the success of the GMetaOne Global Gathering was the different insightful and informative education given out for free. For example, Cheryl Coco, the event’s first speaker, talks about three main ways Metaverse can impact your business and what you can do about it today. That the event can change most people’s business because it opens up the opportunity to meet new people, thereby building relationships. And also, business owners can learn how to better present themselves in the Metaverse and improve in marketing.

Getting these things done means you will fully immerse yourself in whatever you do, not just a mere virtual experience, said one of the speakers.

At GMetaOne Global Gathering, attendees learn about why entrepreneurs fail and how to avoid it. Brandon Ivy, a speaker, emphasized education and how Metaverse is the future. The Metaverse has provided an opportunity for many today because, at this moment, not many people are interested in what it is and how it works.

The GMetaOne 3D Metaverse was unveiled during the events; this 3D Metaverse includes a mall, buildings, surroundings, roads, train tracks, lakes, waterfalls, and bars. The Metaverse was awesome and exciting, including both in and out of the buildings, grasses, and offices.

The GMetaOne is creating its Metaverse and building bridged with CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and other digital worlds.

During the events, there was a music track song by Analea Brown titled “Lotion” this music was specifically made for the event. The experience in the event was outstanding, as confirmed by those who attended it live at the GMetaOne arena.

If you would like to see the full event, check the video below.


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