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The gesture was appreciated by social media users who were impressed and in awe at the Japanese culture and values

The historic win by Japan against Germany in a 2022 World Cup group match in Qatar was celebrated widely. The incredible gesture by the Japanese team won over social media users, who are known for their class and excellence. They didn’t revel in their victory but cleaned up after beating Germany and left the locker room spotless.

FIFA shared a photo of the locker room and wrote: “After a historic win against Germany at #FIFAWorldCup, Japan fans cleaned up their rubbish inside the stadium while the @jfa_samuraiblue left the changing room at Khalifa International Stadium as this.” Spotless.” Spotless.” Japan fans remained at Khalifa International Stadium after the win by 2-1, but not to celebrate, but to empty the trash cans. Japanese fans could be seen picking up light blue plastic bags as soon as the stadium was empty. They were seen walking around the stadium picking up cups, bottles, food wrappers, and even discarded German flags.

The gesture was appreciated by social media users who were impressed and in awe at the Japanese culture and values. One user commented, “It’s more than just the fans. The players, after a hard match and the adrenaline rush from one of their greatest victories ever… found the energy to clean their dressing rooms. You can also see the origami that they have left behind. Their dedication to cleanliness is admirable. Another said, “When it is about “manner and work ethic”, Japan is the best.

A Japanese fan asked him why this was becoming a Japanese fan’s custom. One replied that he was Japanese and did not leave any rubbish behind. He also respected the environment.

After the inaugural match of the World Cup between Ecuador and Qatar on Sunday (November 20), a similar event was observed.

14CommentsReturning to the match, Ritsu Donan and Takuma Asano, both from Japan, won the final 15 minutes with a stunning 2-1 victory over Germany’s four-time world champions.

Germany was in complete control in Group E clash, but each missed chance left Japan open to attack. Japan showed little energy until a series substitutions gave it some life in the second half.

Japan responded quickly, first with Ritsu Doan’s equaliser, then Asano scoring the final goal to secure a historic win, which came just days after Saudi Arabia stunned Argentina.

“We have made history today!” Japan fan Kosuke said to Al Jazeera as he and his fellow supporters walked out of Khalifa International Stadium waving flags.

Germany, the reigning champions in 2018, was eliminated in the group stages of the 2018 World Cup. They now have to fear another early exit.

Kosuke stated that he didn’t expect his team would beat Germany, but now, he said, there was no stopping Blue Samurai.

Kosuke smiled and said, “They will be losing your heads back home, but maybe they will get one day off tomorrow, just as Saudi Arabia,”

In protest of FIFA’s ban on Germany players wearing One Love armbands, Germany’s footballers covered their mouths with right hand when they lined up to take a pre-game picture.

“Denying us an armband is like denying us a voice.” The team released a statement after the protest, stating that they stand by their position.

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