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The Futuristic Specs Brand – KOEYEWEAR

Other than smartphones that we rarely get off our hands, there are two more things we can’t ignore. It’s hard to set foot outside the home without our favorite tinted lip balm and a trendy pair of sunglasses. Besides being the essence of our outfit and providing our look a finishing touch, sunglasses protect our precious eyes and delicate part of our skin from hazardous UV rays. 

Finding a fabulous pair of sunnies is difficult – the one that suits your face and balances the proportions. When choosing the best specs online, we all have doubts because we can’t try them. We have always wondered, what if we could see how we’ll look while choosing our favorite sunglasses online? One brand has made it possible with its innovative mindset. The ultimate eyewear brand, KOEYEWEAR, introduces virtual try-on for online shoppers so they can make a hassle-free decisions. 

To bring style and comfort, KOEYEWEAR makes its customers stand out among the crowd with convenient options. This futuristic brand promises to provide chic options, taking your look on to the next level. With the latest addition of virtual try-on, KOEYEWEAR ensures that you make a perfect decision. Making the best use of the technology, virtual try-on allows the customer to see their look in new sunglasses via their webcam. 

According to the CEO Omar Khamis, “Our sunglasses are made of high grade, unique materials, and there isn’t a single point of material that isn’t of the highest quality.” With his statement, he made it evident that KOEYEWEAR never compromises when it comes to quality. This tech-savvy brand works to its best capacity to make sure the customers get the finest quality sunglasses at affordable prices.

Apart from their out-of-the-world designs, KOEYEWEAR is also working towards sustainability. Recently, they announced their newest eyewear collection, Eco Acetate Sunglasses. Molding the more natural version of acetate in their frames, KOEYEWEAR ensures that the frames are of the highest quality and will last for a long time. Announcing their latest collection on Instagram, the CEO says, “It is important when investing in a pair of eco acetate sunglasses that they will last for a long time. If you decide on changing, they can be sold or given away and reused.”  

Diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability are at the core of KOEYEWEAR. The brand is currently located in Dubai, UAE, and planning to mark its footprint in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. CEO and founder Omar Khamis has translated his love of cities into his eyewear brand, and that’s why each sunglass is named after a city. 

Hand-crafted from biodegradable and recyclable materials, KOEYEWEAR creates stunning, genderless styles designed to stand the test of time and the fast-paced trend cycle, so you know you’re picking up a pair of sunnies you’ll love forever. If you love bright colors and bold shapes, KOEYEWEAR’s dazzling designs are for you. While acknowledging his love for diversity, Omar stated, “My vision behind making every design so unique and different from each other is so that they suit the different face shapes and skin colors of our customers. I believe in the beauty of diversity.”  

Whether it is about putting a modern spin on vintage designs or providing customers with exciting yet affordable options, KOEYEWEAR is scaling on to new heights. This visionary eyewear company also offers worldwide delivery at affordable prices to ensure no one misses an opportunity to look stylish. With its high-grade and sustainable products, KOEYEWEAR aims to spread positivity, and love and make style accessible to everyone across the globe.  


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